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Date Joined:28 November 2011
Last Updated:08 February 2014
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I've done quite a few shoots over the last two years and had some fantastic creative experiences with models from PS. I've still got loads of new ideas - just need the time to try them all out!

I love photography and get a real buzz from creating something special.

My idea of a good shoot is one where we have a laugh and a joke and come away with a few great pix. Quality not quantity! I'm always happy to give models copies of pix, and maybe a few edits if you ask nicely :-)

Here are some of the things I want to shoot....

-abstract reality/ surreal
-creative mirrors/reflection
-recreating movie posters/ album covers
-floating/flying model
-eye catching/vivid makeup
-bright hair colours

I'd also like to keep capturing some of the traditional stuff with new models:
-high key headshots
-warm/sexy portraits
-seasonal scenarios (e.g. winter fashion)

Reviews from other members

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gerda_babbii recommends Andy11
Added by gerda_babbii on 29 April 2012, shoot arranged for April 2012

Had a shoot with Andy today and it was great... he has some great ideas and knows what he wants from the shoot, had printed ideas ready for the stuff he wanted and mine what i sent him, he had the studio ready for us to shoot so he was ready to start whenever I was, as well as knowing what he wanted he was also more then happy to shoot what i wanted and when i wernt to sure on the lights and suggested putting them somewhere else for the shots i wanted he was more then happy to change them around to get the shots i wanted wich was very nice of him and i got the shots i wanted. He was very friendly and chatty made me the perfect cuppa coffee :D and overall the shoot was very relaxed and enjoyable. Would recommend him very very much to anyone considering in working with him and really hope to work with him again as there was still some ideas that we didnt get time to shoot. Thanks for a great shoot :) Gerda
vickiej recommends Andy11
Added by vickiej on 19 April 2012, shoot arranged for April 2012

Had a great shoot with Andy on Sunday, was short notice but turned out to be a great shoot.A lovely guy who made sure I was warm and fed at all times :) awould definitely recommend to other models 100% thanks again and look forward to hopefully shooting together again soon :) lv Vickie xx
blondie_07 recommends Andy11
Added by blondie_07 on 02 March 2012, shoot arranged for February 2012

I had a wonderful shoot with Andy! He is very easy to work with as he is such a nice and relaxed guy. His pre comms were great and since the shoot he has sent me the images which I am more than happy with! I would certainly recommend Andy and I would love to do more work with him!

Best wishes x
Jade_Samantha recommends Andy11
Added by Jade_Samantha on 05 February 2012, shoot arranged for January 2012

I worked with Andy the other day, it was a fun shoot, we covered a variety of different styles, and for each style/set up Andy put in a lot of effort to make sue everything looked just right. From what I have seen so far the pictures look ace. Andy is fun and really easy to shoot with, I would love to shoot with him again. x
klouisemodel recommends Andy11
Added by klouisemodel on 02 January 2012, shoot arranged for December 2011

I had a studio shoot with Andy.
He came prepared with ideas for poses he wanted to shoot but also let me do my own thing :). Very friendly and professional and I can recommend him to other models.

Hope to shoot again in future
Kayla xx
Added: 04 March 2012
Model(s): blondie_07
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Added: 30 November 2011
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Added: 08 January 2012
Model(s): kellismith
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Added: 30 November 2011
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Added: 02 February 2012
Model(s): Jade_Samantha
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Added: 30 December 2011
Model(s): klouisemodel
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