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Alex Browning

Alex Browning

ID Number:122903
Member type:Photographer
Region:New Zealand
Level:Some Experience
Work Preference:Fitness Model
Stock Photo
Print Magazine
Parts Modeling
Date Joined:13 September 2007
Last Updated:21 December 2012
Last Login:01 April 2015
I started getting back into photography in 2007, attending motor racing events and bike meets. I was given the opportunity to work with some opera singers on their portfolio shots and haven't looked back since. I've had a number of long breaks between then and now for various reasons, but my enthusiasm for photography has never gone away.
I'm only really interested in shooting up to lingerie level max, but have a preference for shooting fashion based images in more interesting locations.

I would love to figure out a way to make photography my main job, but I know that I must practice hard in order to make that a reality - I am quite happy to leave it at hobby level for now though.

I'm currently booked up until late November, but PM me if you would like to arrange a shoot.

I've been away from photography for a bit, coming back to it now, but shooting a little less than before.

Reviews from other members

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MissL recommends alexbrowning
Added by MissL on 15 August 2012, shoot arranged for May 2012

Ive had the pleasure of working with Alex about 3 times now and he is always a joy to work with.

He is passionate about his work, great at lighting and I always love our images. Alex shoots a range from commercial/fashion to lingerie and a little glamour

A true gent, Alex is very professional, considerate of his models and makes you feel very comfortable.

Love working with Alex and highly recommend working with him
harriettlangley recommends alexbrowning
Added by harriettlangley on 28 March 2012, shoot arranged for March 2012

Had a great shoot with Alex today. He is so relaxed, easy going and fun to shoot with. I loved the ideas that Alex and MUA Sam Day brought to the shoot and had such fun creating them. He was thoughtful enough to provide loads of food and drink together with accessories, clothing, jewellery and many other fabulous bits and bobs! Very impressed with Alex's way of shooting and really enjoyed working with him. Very much looking forward to seeing the shots...thanks Alex. Harrie :-)
ProMakeupMichelle recommends alexbrowning
Added by ProMakeupMichelle on 08 June 2011, shoot arranged for June 2011

Alex booked me to do make-up & hair for a photoshoot for a friend of his who wanted some nice photos done. It was a fairly last minute booking so it was great that Alex's communication was excellent by txt & purestorm messages.
Alex is a friendly, professional & easy to work with photographer. I'd be more than happy to work together again as well as recommend him.
MonikaT recommends alexbrowning
Added by MonikaT on 02 April 2011, shoot arranged for March 2011

I have worked with Alex few days ago on tuition session. And I wouldn't be able recommend him highly enough! He was very easy going, relaxed and fun to work with. I really enjoyed the day and would definately work with Alex again!
eymc275 recommends alexbrowning
Added by eymc275 on 01 April 2011, shoot arranged for March 2011

Although a reasonably accomplished photographer, Alex came along for a tutorial this week. Being a very laid back and relaxed person it him reliable and very easy to work with. As our shooting styles are very different I hope I have given him an insight into a slightly different approach to photography whilst still managing to have fun, maintain some notion of technical ability and still achieve creative results.
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Alex Browning
Added: 16 June 2011
Copyright: © Transverse Image
Model(s): Petra_So
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Alex Browning
Added: 14 June 2011
Copyright: © Transverse Image
Model(s): Karcia
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Alex Browning
Added: 14 June 2011
Copyright: © Transverse Image
Model(s): Karcia
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Alex Browning
Added: 02 March 2011
Title: Sunrise
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Model(s): Karcia
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Alex Browning
Added: 24 November 2010
Model(s): Katie_G
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