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ID Number:243227
Member type:Model
City:Southend on sea
Country:United Kingdom
Level:Some Experience
Will Accept:Paid work only
Work Preference:Fitness Model
Stock Photo
Print Magazine
Date Joined:21 April 2013
Last Updated:03 March 2016
Last Login:30 November 2016
Hair Length:Medium
Weight:111lbs (50kg) (8st)
Height:66in (5' 6") (167cm)
Cup Size:B
Waist:27in (68cm)
Hips:36in (91cm)
Skin Colour:White
Shoe Size:5.5in
Dress Size:8

I have experienced various TF shoots with some amazing Photographers such as Stephen Colyer (Lenz), Terry Mendoza and Kev Hurdle, to name but a few. I am still willing to consider selected TF shoots, but I will insist that the cost of my travel to be covered on each asssignment should I agree to work with you. However, I am now mainly only accepting paid work in fashion, portraiture, lingerie and artistic nude.

My rates are as follows:

Fashion and portraits £25ph
Lingerie £30ph
Artistic Nude (Including Topless) £35ph

These rates are dependant on distance and location, but in essence each Photoshoot must be no less than two hours in duration. Half days and full days are negotiable, but in all instances I reserve the right to refuse to accept offers should I consider they are counter productive financially, or not beneficial to the progression of my Modeling aspirations, or my attempts to progress.

I do not accept asssignments in Adult work or higher levels other than those that are stated on my profile, so please do not present me with these potential opportunities as I will simply ignore such requests.

You can also find me on modelmayhem #3060337

There will be more images to come soon.

Thankyou for taking the time to look at my profile :-)
I am interested in fashion photography particularly hippy/boho as that is very much my style.
I enjoy doing elegant graceful lingerie shots and have experimented with artistic nude images.

Reviews from other members

There are 11 positive recommendations for X_Grace_X Click here to read them all
parafotos recommends X_Grace_X
Added by parafotos on 10 June 2016, shoot arranged for June 2016

What an absolutely delightful young lady Grace is! She arrived smack on time at the lovely naturist location I had chosen and from the moment we started the shoot she couldn't have been more relaxed and 'on side'. It was quickly apparent that she has a great sense of humour with the result she was wonderfully easy to work with and she looked stunning in the chosen environment. She contributed loads of creative ideas to the shoot apart from which she has a lovely slim figure and a dazzling smile. We were able to create some really gorgeous images between us and I cannot recommend her too highly. I look forward to working with Grace again - thank you Lovely Lady!
SymoneE recommends X_Grace_X
Added by SymoneE on 16 April 2016, shoot arranged for April 2016

I had the pleasure of getting to work with Grace a week ago and what can i say. She was so friendly and within half an hour i felt like i had known her for years as she made you feel so relaxed and was fun to be around.

Stephen (Lenz) our photographer had some great ideas and throughout the day we were all laughing and very relaxed.

Not only is grace easy and fun to work with she is beautiful and you only have to see from her photos that she really gives her all when shooting.

Thank you for a great day and look forward to more days working together.

Sym x
Lenz recommends X_Grace_X
Added by Lenz on 04 November 2015, shoot arranged for November 2015

Once again, and on our 14th Photoshoot, working with Grace was absolutely amazing and creative. I keep thinking what else can we do that will be different to our previous shoots, yet every time we seem to produce something that is fresh and exciting and those words describe Grace perfectly. Time goes far too quickly when working with Grace but my consolation is that having become good friends we will work together again many, many times filled with laughter and creativity :) Bless you Grace xx

Added by Lenz on 19 June 2014, shoot arranged for June 2014

I can't believe it's taken me so long to update Grace's references from me. Well, here I am! Grace and I have now completed 12 Photoshoots and every time we arrange another shoot, I think 'what else can we possibly do that will be any different from what we have created previously?', but we do, every time. Grace quite frankly amazes me with just how adaptable she is, not only with her own ideas, but also in translating my ideas. It goes without saying that we have connected as friends and become a real 'team' that works well together. I sincerely hope that Grace and I continue to discover our individual and collective capabilities by working together way into the future. Hey! We have another shoot planned for a couple of weeks time, but I'm not saying what number it is, as it may not be lucky :) I've said it before and I will continue to say that, Grace is amazing! Highly recommended always!

Added by Lenz on 19 December 2013, shoot arranged for December 2013

I have now completed nine Photoshoots with Grace and she just get better every time we work together. Grace has become very much in demand and I feel extremely fortunate to have been the first person to have Photographed her in April this year. Although Grace has some fabulous ideas of her own, she welcomes and responds so positively to being directed that it really is a dream to work with her.

Grace is quite simply heading towards becoming one of the 'elite' Models that we all admire and respect. Grace and I will work together many, many more times having already planned well into 2014. Recommended? Asolutely!!!

Added by Lenz on 28 April 2013, shoot arranged for April 2013

Grace did her very first Photoshoot with me just one short week ago and her second shoot with me this weekend. In the meantime, she was also 'snapped' up by the very talented Kev Hurdle for a shoot during this past week! The reaction that both Grace and I have received to our work together from both Photographers and Models has so far been incredible. Grace is a natural and so easy to work with, I can't praise her highly enough. Absolutely and unreservedly recommended.

Added by Lenz on 21 April 2013, shoot arranged for April 2013

Grace is quite simply amazing to work with. She brought everything I asked her to bring to our Photoshoot and even though it was her first real attempt at starting out to create a Portfolio, she was 110% professional in her entire approach. Grace acted upon direction perfectly by being willing to listen and learn which made the whole process of creating some worthwhile images a real pleasure.

Grace is an exciting new Model as well as an absolutely wonderful and intelligent young lady. I cannot express enough how she impressed me. Grace is beautiful and is most highly recommended by me.
clarmike recommends X_Grace_X
Added by clarmike on 18 October 2015, shoot arranged for October 2015

Grace arrived early at the Loft Studio in Colchester. This was a super start to our shoot . Dan offered truly expert advice and the shoot proceeded smoothly. I was far more experimental with the lighting than I am usually. The resulting images range from being good to being exceptional. Grace was a wonderful model and I not only recommend her but I have booked hr again.
Digitalelegance recommends X_Grace_X
Added by Digitalelegance on 18 May 2014, shoot arranged for May 2014

I had my first Artistic Nude Shoot with Grace yesterday.
Her Pre-shoot comms were excellent, and she got everything ready I asked for, nails, ( she even grew them for me) makeup and hair were perfect - just as requested. She'd even moved furniture about to facilitate the home shoot.

I had expected her to be very pretty ( based on her lovely photos by Lenz - a great Photographer ) but in reality she is more than that - quite beautiful and has scary amazing eyes - mesmerising!
I would add she does have a bit of a "Lolita" look, and definitely looks more like 18-19 than 23. The young look is not normally something I go for, but Grace is just so pretty.

Personality wise - she in a total Sweetie! One of the nicest. She is exceedingly "soft and gentle" ; almost demure; but still very friendly.
In conversation she said her favourite genre was artistic nude - as long as its is very tasteful!
Honestly that surprised me, as I would have thought she was more the fashion lingerie type. Based on her gentle nature and current portfolio, I was expecting her to be extremely shy. So I have to say I was actually very shocked how body confident she was. Totally relaxed and happily covered a wide variety of poses.
( just to make it clear - I am not alluding to adult nature style poses [which were not requested and that I am sure Grace does not do] but tasteful artistic nude ).

As I want to extract the maximum impact from a model, I was yet again more than pleasantly surprised, to discover what a fabulous body she has. Truly gorgeous legs, ( I honestly don't think her current portfolio shows how fabulous her legs are ). Her toned waist and midriff is superb ( absolutely no signs that she has had a delightful little daughter ), lovely curvy but toned cheeks, and near perfect pert boobs. Nice arms, great body skin ( photoshop not required) perfect feet and nice hands. Actually "Every" part of her body is perfect!

Note: If you are looking for massive plastic boobs, and like plastic surgery scar tissue underneath them; then Grace is not for you!
But if you are looking for a beautiful woman,with lovely hair and killer eyes; and the perfect, taut but curvy, Artistic nude body then you will not find a better model!
Normally I would not be so detailed, but as I have mentioned a potential negative for boob fans; I would add she does have perfect B cup breasts and awesome nipples.
Add a truly beautiful face and what else could you want.
Everything about Grace is natural! And lovely!

Grace says shes not terribly experienced (having only started modelling last year); but she must be a total natural, because if she'd said she had done 100 plus shoots you would believe her.
She flows from one great pose to another, and delivers a number of fabulous 'faces" for each poses - ensuring you get one "Killer" image for each body position. It takes 15 minutes before you decide that you want to shoot with her again 4 hours is not enough.

We are going to shoot again in 3 weeks! Say no more.

I definitely got lots of super images; and working with Grace is a total pleasure.
Pretty much the definition of a perfect shoot.

The long reference is because I want her to succeed, and Togs have to appreciate, that she needs paid shoots to cover child care costs ( which we all know are crippling). That said with child care from 8.30 till 6.00 pm; it doesn't present a problem to organising a shoot.
So I would strongly recommend anyone to book her.
As one of the very best ( and the nicest) we need to see her stay in the industry!
Artistic Nude
Added: 21 December 2013
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Added: 21 December 2013
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