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Valen Vain

Valen Vain

ID Number:200817
Member type:Model
Region:East Yorkshire
Country:United Kingdom
Status:Semi Professional
Will Accept:Paid work or time for prints
Hair Length:Very Long
Weight:136lbs (61kg)
Height:69in (5' 9") (175cm)
Waist:30in (76cm)
Hips:28in (71cm)
Skin Colour:White
Shoe Size:9in
Work Preference:Runway
Print Magazine
Parts Modeling
Date Joined:01 February 2011
Last Updated:16 December 2011
Last Login:01 July 2013
Started out simply helping out a couple of photographers in University and friends who wanted to become photographers, and I suppose thats where the passion started. In heinsight I should have kept in touch with them and organised some shoots to see how far we have all come.

I then decided to go the other side of the lens and did photography for a while, however I couldn't be happy with it when I really wanted to get in on the pictures so I put it down and took up modelling. Initially starting with shoots with friends and family, then building up to the more interesting, surreal and stylized shoots.

My experience is quite extensive, I have worked group shoots, themed shoots, for artists and students, underwear shoots, infact I am getting to a stage where there is very little that I haven't done...But there is always more or inventive twists on concepts I have played with already. I am all ears if you feel you have something new I would suit.
As a general rule, the stranger the concept is, the more likely I am to be excited by it. I enjoy the surreal and when original concepts are twisted in some manner. Combining this with the alternative style and I have found that great images can be created.

My main inspirations within styles are H.R.Giger, Victoria Frances, Tim Burton, Him Henson
and several others.

My rates are £10-£15 per hour, depending ofcourse on travel and makeup and such, however I'm still happy to do TF shoots if I think that it will either benefit my Portfolio or the idea is ingenious.....usually one and the same.

Reviews from other members

There are 6 positive recommendations for Valenvain Click here to read them all
FineArtCave recommends Valenvain
Added by FineArtCave on 21 November 2011, shoot arranged for November 2011

Jason a big thank you for all your case of different outfits, unfortunatly not enougth time to go through them all, so we will have to have anouther shoot. A really good experience, nothing phased Jason, we try our best some times, no problem at all it all went realy well. We have now lots of ideas for anouther shoot, cant wait. Thanks again Jason you were brill Tony
harleychickvic recommends Valenvain
Added by harleychickvic on 29 April 2011, shoot arranged for April 2011

Jason has a unique look that just works! I would definately work with him again and would recommend him to any other models or photographers looking for an experienced, versatile and hilarious guy to work with.
alexkidd recommends Valenvain
Added by alexkidd on 20 April 2011, shoot arranged for April 2011

Well prepared and very open minded, easy to work with and confident, no bullshit or drama just an easy guy to work with.
mounters recommends Valenvain
Added by mounters on 22 February 2011, shoot arranged for February 2011

In my limited experience male models are usually reluctant, uncomfortable and wooden. Not Valen!
Valen is full of ideas energy and fun, he takes direction well develops the shot and makes it unique. Valen is comfortable working alone and in groups. Valen is comfortable working from light humorous shoots right through to dark and sinister shoots and carries both ends of the spectrum with ease.
Well done Valen, here's to the next time
gingerrikku recommends Valenvain
Added by gingerrikku on 22 February 2011, shoot arranged for January 2011

Have worked with Valen in two shoots now, and he has a high range of facial expressions and he is not afraid to try new things. His explosion of energy as a whole is wonderfully positive and will always make you giggle ^_^
I highly recommend him as both a model and friend. ^_^
Valen Vain
Added: 06 September 2011
Title: Evil genius
Copyright: Laura Hince
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Valen Vain
Added: 10 March 2011
Title: Glam rock
Copyright: Roziekins Photography
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Valen Vain
Added: 10 March 2011
Title: Hair metal work out
Copyright: Roziekins Photography
Comments: 1
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Valen Vain
Added: 14 February 2011
Title: The Dark
Copyright: BishPhotography
Photographer: bish
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Valen Vain
Added: 01 February 2011
Title: Vampiric Frills
Copyright: Charlotte Heather-Cray
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Valen Vain
Added: 06 September 2011
Title: Dulled
Copyright: Alex Smith
Photographer: alexkidd
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Valen Vain
Added: 16 December 2011
Title: The Tatts
Copyright: Diane Wakelin
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