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Member type:Photographer
Country:United Kingdom
Level:Some Experience
Work Preference:Fitness Model
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Date Joined:26 June 2011
Last Updated:27 October 2015
Last Login:24 June 2016
An enthusiastic amateur photographer with seven years experience of general digital photography, I have over the last two years added studio and model photography to my overall skill base, which includes off camera flash location shots. Some of the models I have photographed are listed below in no particular order:-

Emma Heron x6, Susie Hutson, Becky Armitt x3, Steph Jackson x2, Jenny Brook x5,

Faye Evette Betts x 4, Emily Ferguson, Rachel Eaton, Joanna Ozdoba x2, Becky Holt x 3,

Hollie Gee x2, Portia Victoria, Faith Obae, Kate Alia, Tanyia, Stawberry Venom x2

Emma Nicole-MowMow, Imogen Ellis x5, Candy MayFalls x 3, Emma Terry, Carla Monaco x5

Charli Brook, Natalie Park, Amanda Borg, Catherine Anne, Caz Heaton x2, LoraJay

Sarah Reed x 2, Alice_G, Mark Cunningham, Jack Stilling, Dani-Elle x 3, KarenR, Katie Anna x 2, Amabel Rose,
I have found that I enjoy the technical and artistic challenges involved in a photo shoot,whether it be studio or location based, lighting, backgounds, props, poses and expression as well as the interaction with the models, which I believe should be a respectful and relaxed experience for both parties, resulting in fantastic photographs for both our portfolio's.

Reviews from other members

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Dani-Elle recommends TimelinePhotography
Added by Dani-Elle on 10 December 2013, shoot arranged for December 2013

I have now worked with Pete on a number of occasions and each and every time it has been an unquestionable pleasure. Not only is he a totally good hearted and lovely character who is so very easy to generate a fun rapport with but he is tremendously organised even coming equipped with pocket gadgets to make quick adjustments mid-shoot!

Pete's eye for a pretty moment is certainly something to be admired - he knows exactly what he strives to capture and will put a considerable amount of effort towards achieving it. It is also wonderful to have a photographer be so expressive in his description of the look he wanted to be portrayed; from set to set he had a terrific vision lined up and I thoroughly enjoyed the terrific creative connection from shooting with Pete. :)

Without a shadow of a doubt, Pete has my high regards and recommendations. I definitely look forward to our next shoot sometime soon in the future.

Thanks again Pete!

wendylouise recommends TimelinePhotography
Added by wendylouise on 18 July 2013, shoot arranged for July 2013

I had another fabulous shoot with Pete.
Such a pleasure to work with, and fantastic results.
I really enjoyed working with you Pete and you are a 5 star Highly recommended photographer by me.
Jump at the chance should you be lucky enough :)
Wendy Louise xx
KatieAnna recommends TimelinePhotography
Added by KatieAnna on 15 June 2013, shoot arranged for June 2013

I had a group with Pete in Preston this week.
He is a great photographer , really polite and friendly .

Very proffesional
Highly recommended

AmabelRose recommends TimelinePhotography
Added by AmabelRose on 08 May 2013, shoot arranged for April 2013

I worked with Pete while I was in Preston and found him a real joy to shoot with! Apart from having a warm, friendly and funny personality, Pete was very respectful and receptive to anything I had to say which was lovely. Pete is genuinely a really sweet man and I hope to get the chance to work with him in the future!

Highly recommended :D

Thankyou for a great shoot Pete (Im still giggling at the primark bags!)
candymayfalls recommends TimelinePhotography
Added by candymayfalls on 17 September 2012, shoot arranged for September 2012

Pete is fantastic to work with! I've met him a few times now and each time I've been impressed with his shots and his friendly manner. I can't wait to work with him again and he comes highly recommended. See you soon Pete x
Added: 27 October 2015
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Added: 27 October 2015
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Added: 02 October 2015
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Added: 18 May 2014
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