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ID Number:199244
Member type:Photographer
Country:United Kingdom
Status:Semi Professional
Work Preference:Fitness Model
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Parts Modeling
Date Joined:06 January 2011
Last Updated:31 December 2014
Last Login:03 March 2018
This is not an exhaustive list but shows what I've been up to with my photography, not all of these involve modelling assignments but I thought I'd just add them all anyhow.

04/07/2011 - Studio shoot with Marion and Rieanna
19/07/2011 - Location shoot with xXNAT86Xx
28/07/2011 - Location shoot with Marion
17/09/2011 - Location shoot with Kanda
29/09/2011 - Assisted and recorded video footage for an underwater test shoot with Dan Stone Photography - Video footage can be seen here -
30/09/2011 - Location shoot with Sharmarston
13/11/2011 - Studio shoot with Sharmarston
05/12/2011 - Commercial video shoot for PWC Access (Via Dan Stone)
28/12/2011 - Recorded live music performance by Tayla Blue with Dan Stone
16/01/2012 - Location shoot with Sharmarston
31/01/2012 - Location shoot with Marion
25/02/2012 - Assisted with production of a music video for Tayla Blue with Dan Stone
17/03/2012 - Studio shoot with Leighmodel12
18/03/2012 - Assisted Dan Stone with a shoot for Elle Sport
21/06/2012 - Studio shoot with Holly
25/06/2012 - Studio shoot with Sharmarston Jazzy and Marion
29/06/2012 - Studio shoot with Miki and Kirsty Jayne
07/07/2012 - Studio shoot with Vanessa
05/08/2012 - Recording footage for a band at the Jam House
07/08/2012 - Location shoot with Philippa
10/08/2012 - Location shoot with Emma
23/08/2012 - Location shoot with Sharmarston & Marion
26/09/2012 - Studio shoot with Davina
03/10/2012 - Studio shoot with Melissa Millard
05/10/2012 - Studio shoot with Francesca
26/11/2012 - Location shoot with Chloe Avon
24/01/2013 - Studio shoot with Sophie Mullings-Rowe
07/03/2013 - Studio shoot with Kanda
30/03/2013 - Studio shoot with Rebekah Holmes
21/03/2013 - Studio shoot with Sabrina
23/06/2013 - Alternative location shoot with Amy Coleen & Simon Shelton
16/07/2013 - Alternative location shoot with Indigo
06/08/2013 - Location (pool) shoot with Sharmarston
09/08/2013 - Macmillan charity calendar shoot with models including Louise la Fleur (aka Kerry Harvey) and many others
10/08/2013 - Pool shoot with Hayley Everett
08/12/2013 - Commercial shoot at Clothes Show Live for Swizzels Matlow...shooting an April Banbury dress
02/04/2014 - MAternity shoot with Leighanne model
18/05/2014 - Beach shoot with Sinéad and Leah
03/10/2014 - Location shoot with Rhianna Grey

Also, several ongoing product projects and always on the lookout for the next shoot :)
I have been interested in shooting models for years now and have an ever growing and improving portfolio.
Currently I have no preferred style or genre and would like to give them all a go at some point. I do very much enjoy the editing process that follows a shoot (I'm a sucker for punishment) so most of my images are therefore modified to some level or another. To date I have only worked up to lingerie but would be willing to consider other levels if I felt it could be tastefully done and would benefit a particular shoot idea.

Currently between studios after mine was sold, but will be relocating to Solihull very soon and plan to have my own little studio space built on my new property.
Also more than happy to shoot on location and have been known to travel hundreds of miles for that perfect spot!

Nowadays I do not work alone, I usually have my wife by my side who assists, gives great creative directions, makes the tea and she is also currently training to be a make-up artist so we always have a large selection of make-up with us for models to either use themselves or if they like, my wife can do it for them.

What to expect if working with me & my wife;
- We're friendly & non pushy
- We always try to make the shoot fun, this seems to usually produce better images
- As much tea as you can stomach and usually at the very least a light snack at some point :-)
- We always forward 'all' edited images to models so they can choose whichever they want for their portfolios and also provide full size jpegs on a CD without our watermark spoiling them for you
- If you're not too far away we'll pick you up/drop you off

Please take a look at my website to see more examples of my work.

Reviews from other members

There are 10 positive recommendations for swyftie Click here to read them all
Goldrush recommends swyftie
Added by Goldrush on 11 August 2013, shoot arranged for August 2013

I recently worked with Jon and another photographer after filling a last minute carrying call. The shoot was arranged within the hour and his communication during this time was absolutely outstanding.

He was welcoming and gave me a tour of the fantastic location so that I was able to get some creative ideas before we started. Shooting with Jon was a lot of fun and I felt completely at ease. He allowed me to explore my own ideas and was 100% professional. I would love to work with Jon again and I couldn't recommend him enough. Top notch Tog *****
Indie11 recommends swyftie
Added by Indie11 on 17 July 2013, shoot arranged for July 2013

Had my first rooftop shoot with Jon yesterday and really enjoyed.
Managed to get some great shots in a short space of time. Very professional photographer with a likeable personality.

Communication skills were first class, highly recommended.
MissPhilippa recommends swyftie
Added by MissPhilippa on 12 August 2012, shoot arranged for August 2012

I enjoyed the shoot alot and was happy with the direction given as it was my first "water" shoot. Great fun professional photographer would be happy to work with again.
Kalygulina recommends swyftie
Added by Kalygulina on 11 August 2012, shoot arranged for August 2012

Worked with Jon and Marion on a location shoot. Both were very friendly and we all had a laugh. Comms beforehand were brilliant too. Highly recommended
sharmarston recommends swyftie
Added by sharmarston on 16 July 2012, shoot arranged for June 2012

I have work with Jon 5 times now over the last year and a 1/2 and ever time he make me feel at home and can have a laugh which i think this gets the best images for me.

Marion is a MUA that works with jon when ever needed she is great to have there on the day to make the make up the best for every image :D
Sidekick Photo
Added: 17 February 2014
Title: Laserlights
Copyright: Jon Swift
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Sidekick Photo
Added: 17 February 2014
Title: Jacuzzi
Copyright: Jon Swift
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Sidekick Photo
Added: 29 June 2013
Title: Miss Psycho De Vil
Copyright: Jon Swift
Model(s): Amy_Coleen
Comments: 2
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Sidekick Photo
Added: 31 May 2013
Title: Lying in studio
Comments: 1
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Sidekick Photo
Added: 02 December 2011
Title: Kirstyanne Halloween Compilation #1
Copyright: Jon swift
Model(s): Kanda
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Sidekick Photo
Added: 16 July 2012
Title: Vanessa B&W
Copyright: Jon Swift
Model(s): VanessaF
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Sidekick Photo
Added: 30 May 2014
Title: On the beach
Copyright: Jon Swift
Comments: 1
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Sidekick Photo
Added: 31 May 2013
Title: Melissa Bikini
Copyright: Jon Swift
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Sidekick Photo
Added: 21 August 2012
Title: Diving
Copyright: Jon Swift
Model(s): MissPhilippa
Comments: 3
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