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Street Model

Street Model

ID Number:142156
Member type:Photographer
City:Upminster / All UK
Country:United Kingdom
Work Preference:Fitness Model
Stock Photo
Print Magazine
Parts Modeling
Date Joined:21 August 2008
Last Updated:21 June 2016
Last Login:21 April 2018
Have a look at our web site to see what we do. We are here to help new models get a foot hold into the Modelling business
We have worked with many established models and will be publishing a list to ensure new models are happy with our credentials. We will supply references for anyone who asks for one.

Reviews from other members

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jojojax recommends StreetModel
Added by jojojax on 24 February 2014, shoot arranged for February 2014

had great shoot with dave , i was very nervous he helped take my mind of this and the shoot was great , i will def see dave in the next couple of weeks as i think hes a great photographer and enjoyed working with him . I definately reccommend street model
Dusk recommends StreetModel
Added by Dusk on 29 January 2010, shoot arranged for March 2009

Had a great shoot with Dave, made me feel really comfortable and relaxed. Took a little while for the disk to arrive however I would be very happy to work with Dave again in the near future.
Lost_at_sea recommends StreetModel
Added by Lost_at_sea on 08 August 2009, shoot arranged for August 2009

Had a shoot with Dave today, I really enjoyed it, such a lovely man!!...I felt COMPLETELY at ease with him and I’m really looking forward to the pictures> I know there were some real goodies!!! :-D
I REALLY hope to work with Dave again; he clearly enjoys his job, and ensures that you do to!
GirlNxtDoor recommends StreetModel
Added by GirlNxtDoor on 28 April 2009, shoot arranged for April 2009

I had the pleaure of working with Dave on my first ever shoot. He made me feel very relaxed and comfortable, i had a great first shoot. I would recommend Dave as i felt completley at ease working,helped me out alot thanks Dave x
TanyaDal recommends StreetModel
Added by TanyaDal on 05 April 2009, shoot arranged for March 2009

Had an excellent shoot with Dave today, wished we had more time to get more out of the shoot, but I had to leave, what we came out with was very good and I will be working with Dave in the near future, communication before shoot was good and I felt completley at ease working with Dave
Street Model
Added: 23 March 2009
Model(s): JuliaClaire
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Street Model
Added: 14 August 2009
Title: Long Look Back
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Street Model
Added: 23 March 2009
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Street Model
Added: 03 February 2009
Title: Cat and Dog
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Street Model
Added: 12 October 2008
Title: Helen
Copyright: StreetModel
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Street Model
Added: 15 February 2009
Title: 4 Ways to go
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Street Model
Added: 04 February 2009
Title: Cat Dress
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Fine Art
Street Model
Added: 16 March 2009
Title: Pose without socks
Model(s): nickydj
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Street Model
Added: 28 February 2009
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