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Simon Pole

Simon Pole

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ID Number:118793
Member type:Photographer
City:Livingston, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Perth
Country:United Kingdom
Work Preference:Fitness Model
Stock Photo
Print Magazine
Parts Modeling
Date Joined:28 April 2007
Last Updated:12 March 2012
Last Login:05 November 2017
I have limited time for model shoots, but please feel free to ask if you are interested in working with me.

On Modelling Levels:
From the selectable list my current main interests are..

Fitness - Specifically interested in dance, sport and martial arts.
"Fashion" - I think it maybe pushing it to describe what I do as fashion, casual maybe, however open to interesting ideas suitable for location, daylight or night shoots.
Nude - I have done quite a lot of studio and location, mostly interested in artistic location work and dance forms.
"Gothic" - I will consider alternative "fashion"
If you are interested in any of the above, please get in touch.
On Photography:
I have been involved with photography on and off for most of my life and I still have a lot to learn. Please ask if you want to know more.
Please see my gallery for examples, if you want to see more please visit my website or request examples.

I got into photography from a young age as I was fascinated with the potential ability to create interesting pictures or capture a moment in time.
More specifically, I like to play with light, shadow shape and form, whether that is by using available natural light or any artificial light source.
I love all aspects of photography and the act of photography, either tried and tested methods or purely experimental, for the sake of trying something different.
On Shooting Preference
I prefer to work on location, indoor or outdoor, as I personally find that far more interesting, challenging and often offers some degree on uniqueness, but happy to work in a studio when that is required.
Also happy to work in home studio/locations if that is practical.
On who I seek to work with.
Creative and expressive people that have an interest in being part of a creative process in order to produce beautiful or thought provoking pictures.
On Critique:
I believe that all critique is good, whether requested or otherwise as long as it is constructive and quantifiable.
Photography is a state of mind, it is where I loose myself, and where I find myself.

I don't do this for Recognition
I don't do this for Reward
I don't do this for Respect
I do this for self expression, satisfaction and for the sake of Art.

"I do what I do, primarily for me as a form of creative outlet, I want to be proud of the photography I produce, I want to produce something beautiful and or thought provoking.
As a bonus I want others to like and enjoy my photography, for their own reasons and those that I work with I want them to have had an enjoyable and productive experience, I think mainly I achieve that."

Sometimes the journey is more important than the destination!

Reviews from other members

There are 17 positive recommendations for Simon_P Click here to read them all
Bleeding_Rose1 recommends Simon_P
Added by Bleeding_Rose1 on 10 September 2012, shoot arranged for September 2012

Had an awesome shoot with simon recently, highly professional, full of ideas, gave good direction to get the shots we were after and a lovely sense of humour. Would definitely recommend to others.
Lolitachick recommends Simon_P
Added by Lolitachick on 12 July 2012, shoot arranged for July 2012

I worked with Simon alongside another photographer, and he is an absolute pleasure to work with. He directed me when needed, but was in no way pushy about it. I would definitely recommend Simon to anyone and I look forward to working with him again :)
emmawillis recommends Simon_P
Added by emmawillis on 20 February 2012, shoot arranged for February 2012

I had an awesome night light painting shoot with Simon in a derelict warehouse whilst on my scottish tour. He was very considerate at all times, and I felt extremely comfortable with him. I would recommend him to anyone and would work with him again anytime.
AngieM recommends Simon_P
Added by AngieM on 18 January 2012, shoot arranged for January 2012

Worked with Simon on 14th January and had a great time. Simon is very creative and understood exactly what I wanted from the shoot. He is very easy to get on with and puts you at ease the minute you meet with him. He arrived on time and was very organised. Images were send back within a week and I was definately not dissapointed with the quality and care he took in editing my images, they were fantastic. I would reccomend working with Simon to anyone who gets the opportunnity.
EVS recommends Simon_P
Added by EVS on 03 November 2011, shoot arranged for January 2011

Date on this is wrong.

Worked with Simon on a themed shoot a while back,

but I've met him a handful of other times at group shoots.

he's a great guy, full of banter and AMAZING with his lighting.

Grab any opportunity you get to work with this awesome man!
Simon Pole
Added: 30 November 2011
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Simon Pole
Added: 30 November 2011
Copyright: Simon Pole
Comments: 1
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Simon Pole
Added: 31 August 2010
Title: Old Car
Copyright: Simon Pole
Model(s): Chrissie_Red
Comments: 1
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Simon Pole
Added: 30 November 2011
Title: Toxic Wasteland
Copyright: Simon Pole
Model(s): Jay_Jaymo
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Simon Pole
Added: 21 October 2011
Title: Shadow Company
Copyright: Simon Pole
Model(s): Jay_Jaymo
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Artistic Nude
Simon Pole
Added: 10 June 2011
Copyright: Simon Pole
Model(s): RubyRosetta
Comments: 3
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Simon Pole
Added: 18 February 2011
Title: Raphaella Muraella
Copyright: Simon Pole
Model(s): raphaella
Comments: 5
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