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Scarlette's Casting

Scarlette's Casting

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Member type:Agency
Business Name:Scarlette's Casting
Region:Greater Manchester
Country:United Kingdom
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Work Preference:Glamour
Date Joined:06 October 2007
Last Updated:27 December 2016
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is a casting agency, owned & run by industry professionals with wide experience in casting, production and direction in the modelling, music, stage, corporate and film & tv industries.

We don't find work for models, instead we cast models in professional fetish movie work. The majority of the work comprises spanking & cp clip production. All other fetish work eg tickling, foot fetish, tie & tease etc that we cast from time to time is offered to performers who undertake spanking movie work with us.
We cast M/f, F/m & F/f roles - where the capital is dominant and lower case submissive. So we are looking for girls of any age over 18 to play either dominant or submissive roles (or both) and males over 18 to play submissive roles only.

1 Spanking & cp clips are sold into the adult market but there is NO adult content involved, so this work is available to any performer who works from glamour upwards.

2 Any previous experience you may have had is not relevant because it will have been "spanko point 'n' shoot" as opposed to movie-making. We are the only non-spanko producers of spanking & cp product in the UK.

If you'd like to know more then send your contact number via the site's message system and let us know if there are any times when you prefer to be called.
We'll give you full details about the work and explain how making movies works, the work available, fees and everything else you want or need to know.
You do not pay any commission or fees to Scarlette's.

Please note the following:-

1 Casting
We only cast by phone, because
a It avoids "personal message ping-pong" or "20 slow questions".
b A phone call answers all your questions in 5 minutes.
c "If you can't hold a conversation then there's no way you can perform in front of a movie camera".
d It's the only way we can be sure that you have understood exactly what the work involves.

2 Age Verification
All performers must be 18 years of age or over and must bring 2 forms of ID to each shoot.
One form of ID must be "photographic" i.e. a passport or driving licence. No ID = No Show

3 Chaperones
Chaperones are not permitted under any circumstances. Being delivered and collected is acceptable, however, turning up with a chaperone is treated as a "No Show" and you will be liable to compensate both Scarlettes and any other performers who suffer financial loss through such a lack of professionalism.

We only post honest references for performers who work with us successfully more than once.
Since January 2010, we have asked that performers DO NOT post references for Scarlettes, for a number of very good reasons.

We are also looking for models & performers who wish to create product, of any type or style, for their own websites and clip stores on a "content swap" basis. I.E. we will produce content that you want in return for you performing in our spanking & cp clips.

Studio Facilities
The main production facility is located in the west midlands with easy road and public transport access.
Studios are available for hire to industry professionals, amateurs and models alike.

Studios Available:-
- Boudoir / Glamour / Adult studio
- Schoolroom
- Study
- Lounge
- Office
- Cells
- Dungeon
- Medical Room

Production Services
Digital video production services are available, in house or out, including:-
- Pre-production (including casting, obviously)
- Shooting
- Editing
- Post-production
- Mastering
- Marketing

Product Sales & Marketing
- Digital still and video production of content for websites, mobiles etc.
- Production partnerships for models, producers and webmasters

Good luck & best wishes
Scarlette's Casting

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Paris recommends scarlettes
Added by Paris on 08 March 2012
I had a great shoot with John, he was easy to work with and get along with :)
Look forward to shooting again
charlotte x
soulsure recommends scarlettes
Added by soulsure on 27 January 2010
I worked with Jon during the weekend and he was extremely professional. It was the first time I had done a shoot of this sort and he was great to work with.
takeapic recommends scarlettes
Added by takeapic on 24 January 2010
One of the most professional video makers I have worked with. Very friendly and pays good attention to the models on and off set. Looking forward to seeing the end results.
Amber6 recommends scarlettes
Added by Amber6 on 05 August 2009
Delight to work for, and are very consistent in what they do. Worked for Scarlettes twice, and it was a pleasure.
MelJoB recommends scarlettes
Added by MelJoB on 24 January 2009
Worked with Jon, had a ball!!! Very easy to work with, very professional and quite a comedian too! Look forward to nxt shoot ;) xx
Scarlette's Casting
Added: 11 February 2009
Title: Tickle Sisters Take a Bath
Copyright: Scarlettes
Model(s): kelly2hot, DemiScott
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Scarlette's Casting
Added: 06 March 2008
Title: dungeon1
Copyright: Mynet
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Scarlette's Casting
Added: 04 November 2007
Title: schoolroom
Copyright: Spacestudio
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Scarlette's Casting
Added: 04 November 2007
Title: dungeon
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Scarlette's Casting
Added: 06 October 2007
Title: upskirt
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Scarlette's Casting
Added: 06 October 2007
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