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ID Number:164950
Member type:Model
Country:United Kingdom
Level:Some Experience
Will Accept:Depends on assignment
Hair Length:Shoulder Length
Weight:126lbs (57kg) (9st)
Height:70in (5' 10") (177cm)
Cup Size:C
Waist:32in (81cm)
Skin Colour:White
Shoe Size:7.5in
Dress Size:12
Work Preference:Fashion
Parts Modeling
Date Joined:01 July 2009
Last Updated:20 July 2010
Last Login:13 August 2010

Peter D - 5th August Make-Up Artist - Misty-Mansell
Lee Thomas - 11th August
Ian O'Neil - 21st August
Lee Thomas - 15th September
JamLaw - 29th October

Models -

MUA's - Misty_Mansell
Due to issues with my account I have not been getting my mail from models and togs, so please bare with me as i try to amend these faults.

I am really into lingerie shoots at the moment, and also glamour. If interested please contact me.

I have no real style, as I go from day to day changing my mind with new creations and ideas. I am interested in doing many different styles however, such as Glamour, Alternative, Burlesque and anything else that I feel I could give all my efforts too.

I have found that I really enjoy outdoor shoots in vast locatations because I feel there is a lot of potential :D and the ideas just keep on flowing.

Even though I am interested in some glamour work I limit myself to what I will do, however as the shoots progress I am finding myself more willing to try to be a bit more extreme. I will not do full nudity, or showing anything. However implied is fine, and I do find that some shots are better with less clothing, as long as your aware that nothing will be showing. Please be aware of this, because if any tog pushes me to do things I am not happy with I will end the shoot immediately.

I want to experience as many different avenues and ranges as possible, I have many different outfits, time and ideas. I am able to do my own hair and make-up as im aware of what works for my image, however if you wish to use your own stylist what girl doesn't like being pampered.

I am interested in experimenting with different locations as well as studio, as I feel that it can make the final pictures look amazing. I have 14 tattoo's, they can be covered, but they are a large part of my image and I would love to be able to work with them at times. I have the typical belly button piercing, tongue, ears and nose. These can be removed at any time.

I have millions of my own ideas and thoughts and my wardrobe is growing daily. I am really enjoying this experiance and hope that it will continue for a long time.

I hope that by looking at the pictures I have so far you will see that I have a diverse style and I am willing to try anything and will go to any lengths to achieve the picture.

I do not currently have my own transport but I am able to get to most places through the brilliant friends I have.

Thanks for reading, hope to hear from you :D

Reviews from other members

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jamlaw recommends SaskiaLouise
Added by jamlaw on 29 October 2009, shoot arranged for October 2009

Had a fun shoot today with Saskia (and Intoxikate). Got loads of great shoots, had a good laugh, and we were all worn out when it was time to go home.
Saskia has loads of fresh ideas, is nutty as a fruit loop, and will work 9 to 5 to get the image you want!
We had loads of ideas we didn't get round to, and I can't wait for the next shoot. Highly recommended.
LeeThomasPhotography recommends SaskiaLouise
Added by LeeThomasPhotography on 17 September 2009, shoot arranged for September 2009

Shoot 2 - September 09

Worked with Saskia again on a studio shoot, Saskia has loads of ideas and gives it her all :-) Again, Saskia is mad as a box of frogs and is a pleasure to shoot with, relaxed and comfortable always when shooting. looking forward to our next meeting, What will it bring lol lol. Saskia comes Highly Recomend....

Thanks again


Shoot 1 - August 09

I had the pleasure of working with Saskia today. What can I say..... This was the funniest, most relaxed and awesome shoot yet, Saskia is bubbly, funny and georgoues too. We got some great images, just before getting kicked off the site :-) lol lol... And also Saskia is up for any shot for the needs of art, even a very cold dip in the river :-0 Saskia is an absolute fantastic model, little direction needed, she is a natural. I Highly Recommend Saskia, Book her NOW....

Thanks for a fantastic shoot and I can not wait until we shoot again.

Cheers Lee :-)
Poohmonster recommends SaskiaLouise
Added by Poohmonster on 22 August 2009, shoot arranged for August 2009

Had the pleasure of working with Saskia, there are two words I can use to describe her "Dedicated" and "BONKERS". She is so much fun to photograph and be with, time just flew and I'm please to say very little direction had to be given, and she had her own ideas which help a lot on the shoot. Can I recommend her, an definate YES, but bring earplugs. Saskia your NUTS but I cant wait to have another shoot with. XX Ian
Peter_D_Photography recommends SaskiaLouise
Added by Peter_D_Photography on 07 August 2009, shoot arranged for August 2009

I had the pleasure of working with Saskia on Wednesday afternoon on her very first shoot. Saskia is a beautiful young woman and so bubbly and enthusiastic. She arrived early and keen to get the shoot underway and I would never have guessed that it was her first shoot because she was so comfortable working in front of the camera, and so easy to direct. She has a natural flair for modelling and we produced some excellent photos together and I highly recommend Saskia to all photographers :-)
misty_mansell recommends SaskiaLouise
Added by misty_mansell on 05 August 2009, shoot arranged for August 2009

Saskia did amazing on her first shoot today, and showed so much character and enthusiasm. She promises to be a fantastic model, book her now before you don't get the chance!
Added: 19 August 2009
Title: Breaking Through The Dark
Photographer: LeeThomasPhotography
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Added: 27 November 2009
Title: Im everywhere you look
Photographer: Poohmonster
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Added: 24 August 2009
Title: Empty Promises
Photographer: Poohmonster
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Added: 02 November 2009
Title: Are you my Mummy?
Photographer: LeeThomasPhotography
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Added: 07 August 2009
Make Up Artist: misty_mansell
Photographer: Peter_D_Photography
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Added: 07 August 2009
Title: Behind The Lies
Make Up Artist: misty_mansell
Photographer: Peter_D_Photography
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