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Ravyn Black

Ravyn Black

ID Number:237327
Member type:Model
City:Auburn Hills
Country:United States
Will Accept:Depends on assignment
Hair Length:Shoulder Length
Weight:135lbs (61kg)
Height:69in (5' 9") (175cm)
Bust/Chest:36in (91cm)
Cup Size:C
Waist:26in (66cm)
Hips:39in (99cm)
Skin Colour:White
Shoe Size:9.5in
Dress Size:5
Work Preference:Stock Photo
Parts Modeling
Date Joined:01 December 2012
Last Updated:06 February 2013
Last Login:19 February 2013
I've done studio work, art modeling, nude, semi-nude, implied, outdoor work, work with antique cars, and some animals.
TRAVEL NOTICE: May 17th-19th I will be in the Chicago area attending Acen. I will be taking PAID shoots, if you want to photograph me for free, please attend Acen and photograph my cosplays.
Note: If I get several paid shoots I will be extending the Chicago visit up to 2 days.

To make things a little easier on me in your first message to me, please give me as many details as possible on the kind of work you would like from me as far as the shoot, makeup, wardrobe, location, ect.

I am once again available for trade shoots in the event that all of my traveling expenses are paid. I would prefer and MUA. These sessions are limited due to this being my main source of income. This is my job, so I hope that you will respect any offers that I may have to turn down, as my time is limited.
$45 per hour $60 per hour topless $75 per hour for nude, 2 hour minimum.
Compensation open for discussion.

Hello again everyone! Ravyn here with a new update for you all. I am now currently looking for anyone that can help me further my skills and grow as a model in any way. I still do not do any kind of pornographic work and will not do any kind of heavily erotic nude work.

I've worked:
in studios,
on cars,
in cars,
in the woods,
in heavily populated public areas,
with other lady models,
for a clothing designer,
with the craziest props,
in the craziest makeup.
with blood all over me,
in workshop settings,
with animals,
in basements,
in cramped places,
as a cartoon character.

As far as escorts go, I would never bring someone with me who would impair my ability to perform. I've heard a lot of people do and I think that is a terrible idea. This is my job and my work just as much as it is yours. My escort will almost always be male and they will not be disrespectful, rude or unhelpful in any way. I ask all escorts to do as a photographer asks them and although he may not be trained he is your personal assistant as long as he is around. I treat this as a job (because it is my job) and I would not bring anyone to work with me who would affect my work environment in a negative way.

I would also like to let everyone know in advance that I have some scarring on my left leg, on my upper thigh and on my knee as well as scars on my left arm and a small tattoo on the inside of my right hip. I recently acquired on the lower part of my right leg a pretty obvious burn. It has healed but it is looking like it will scar. It's not very big.
Artistic Nude
Ravyn Black
Added: 01 December 2012
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Ravyn Black
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Ravyn Black
Added: 01 December 2012
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Ravyn Black
Added: 06 February 2013
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Ravyn Black
Added: 06 February 2013
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Ravyn Black
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Ravyn Black
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Ravyn Black
Added: 01 December 2012
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