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ID Number:228784
Member type:Model
Country:United Kingdom
Will Accept:Paid work only
Work Preference:Stock Photo
Print Magazine
Parts Modeling
Date Joined:25 May 2012
Last Updated:05 January 2015
Last Login:08 February 2016
Hair Length:Very Long
Height:67in (5' 7") (170cm)
Bust/Chest:40in (101cm)
Cup Size:F
Waist:30in (76cm)
Hips:38in (96cm)
Skin Colour:White
Shoe Size:5in
Dress Size:14

**** As of 2015 I will no longer be taking on any published adult work. I will only be working up to UK Mag (in the art nude/erotica style) ****

***Currently have honey blonde hair... rather than white or platinum blonde***
***Growing a modest amount of pubic hair to stay!***
Welcome one and all!....

I'm not a 'Top' Model.

I don't possess the long limbs of a 6 foot goddess, but I can sure work the 5'7 limbs I've got! I don't walk around with a 'darling' attitude, but I can reflect any attitude you are looking for to make an 'awesome' image!

I'm a special breed of model, professional through and through; determind, hardworking, knowledgable, well-prepared, adaptive and in no way a DIVA! Most importantly I LOVE my job! Creativity is a big part of my life ... Art/Music/Fashion and I have studied photography, I'd like to think this reflects in my work. I love to run through the countryside, streak in the rain and roll in the mud. An of course enjoy dancing around indoors!

Oh and apparently I'm very patient. So if you have any new lighting set ups, cameras to try I will happily sit and let you experiment!


Current Look ...(new hair & no make-up)

5'7 (5'9 in shoes, well depending on the heel of course)... UK Dress size 14.... 36F/30/43.... hourglass model anyone?... and don't worry I'm not offended if my size bothers you! Wink

I am a 'Plus Size' Model... And I'm a very busy one at that!

Blonde (currently a honey blonde/brown)...extentions yay or nay you choose. Skin... Naturally Pale... but sure holds a tan... (so sometimes I'm olive... but I'll be sure to let you know!)

Skin is clear as a button! Limited editing needed! Other Important Features? ... I don't smoke. Seldom drink. No tattoos. 2 piercings : ears & belly button. Natural boobies (pretty sure thats a selling point these days)....Like most humans I do have some stretch marks from weight loss on my hips & at the base of my spine.


So my portfolio gives you an idea of what I like to create!.... Fashion-beauty-headscarves-high end glamour-boudoir-art nude-erotica-commerical-bridal.... (have I missed anything out? Enlighten me!)I LOVE high fashion photography..... especially Tim Walker! (you're in the good books if you know who he is!)

This is my full time job so PAID work only. I work with all photographers, both new & established.

(Please note I do not partake in POV or any interaction with the photographer or a male model) I work with FEMALE models only!

Tutorial Sessions : Photoshop/Lightroom editing. Studio Lighting/Model photography. Please enquire for details.


Happy to travel anywhere in the UK, trains-music & books keep me busy so wherever you are get in touch!

Will travel World Wide.... happy to hop on planes...and discover new creatives!....

I am happy to shoot from my home, (please remember it is a home, so will have restrictions!)*I have a british shorthair cat* (please let me know in advance if you have an allergy)

I work extremely hard to produce work to be proud of and I hope that my little quirks and happy energy, along with being professional will encourage you to book me again and again. But if you take anything from my notes....please remember a good supply of tea is essential if you are hosting! Hehe!

Arabella X

Reviews from other members

There are 99 positive recommendations for RaphaellaLily Click here to read them all
geronimo recommends RaphaellaLily
Added by geronimo on 25 October 2015, shoot arranged for October 2015

After a very long gap I grabbed the opportunity to shoot with Arabella again while she was in Cardiff. Not a lot to say that’s not been said before about this stunning young lady.
Just superb sums it up nicely. Once again a thoroughly enjoyable shoot with a brilliant model.
Arcimages recommends RaphaellaLily
Added by Arcimages on 14 December 2014, shoot arranged for October 2014

I had a magic shoot with Arabella at her home, she is versatile, talented and confident with a happy and welcoming personality. Fortunately she also has vast reserves of patience, and her own skill & knowledge as a photographer (as well as a model) were of great assistance to me to get the shots I wanted.

I enjoyed our shoot tremendously, it was fun and highly productive, and can't wait to work with Arabella at some time in the future - very highly recommended!
Legarius recommends RaphaellaLily
Added by Legarius on 08 November 2014, shoot arranged for November 2014

I had my first shoot with Elle at Loft Studios in Battersea, London. My 4 hours flew by. Working with Elle was an absolute pleasure and she enabled me to get some very good images. She has a wonderful personality and is a fabulous model. She has a great look that works well in front of the lens and I can not recommend her more highly. A professional, articulate, knowledgeable and beautiful lady. I will be working with her again soon. Thank you Elle!
johntisbury recommends RaphaellaLily
Added by johntisbury on 13 September 2014, shoot arranged for September 2014

Worked with Raphaella today and she was great to work with. Good comms before the shoot, punctual and arrived organised and prepared. She has a great look, range of poses and ideas to feed into the shoot. We took some great images and we no doubt be working together again.
MattC recommends RaphaellaLily
Added by MattC on 25 July 2014, shoot arranged for July 2014

With so many great reviews and images in her portfolio you would expect that Elle is an excellent model but it's not until you shoot with her that you realise just how good she is! We shot video for two hours, got through all the scenes I planned, better than I planned them, all thanks to Elle's modelling skill and suggestions. She was enthusiastic, creative and got what I was looking for straight away and delivered it perfectly. Really excellent in all respects, I will be booking another shoot soon!
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