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ID Number:134198
Member type:Model
Country:United Kingdom
Will Accept:Paid work only
Work Preference:Fitness Model
Stock Photo
Print Magazine
Parts Modeling
Date Joined:17 April 2008
Last Updated:21 March 2018
Last Login:21 March 2018
Hair:Light Brown
Hair Length:Very Long
Weight:107lbs (48kg)
Height:68in (5' 8") (172cm)
Cup Size:C
Waist:22in (55cm)
Hips:32in (81cm)
Skin Colour:Olive
Shoe Size:5in
Dress Size:8
Good Day my lovelies, let me introduce myself: I am Miss Ramilla Sisodia.

I am a professional, international model of 16 years and a published author of "Model Material" which launched Valentines Day 2018 and is set for public release shortly - date to follow.

Abit about my book:

A common sense handbook written both in a journalistic and personal format.

Not just for the upcoming model, but for anybody who desires to be of model material and gain confidence
Also, a beneficial read for parents and families of those aspiring models who wish to take their step into this forever-changing and vastly-growing modelling world.

My aim is to guide ethnic models to break into mainstream modelling and to push the barriers further, than just that of Asian bridal modelling and make-up. With advice and interviews from some of the world’s biggest names in the industry - this guide will surely give you first-hand knowledge, to make it to the top.

Included also is expert advice on how to get published, pursue a career in becoming a professional and international model, as well inspiring those of any age, colour and gender, who wish to make it mainstream. I have bought together in my book, advice from leading celebrities and professionals within the modelling, fashion and beauty industry to help give weight and specific value. This book will hopefully help all aspiring models to make their dreams come true and find the inspiration and determination to take it all the way.

Not only have I got the support and input from the Prince's Trust for me to get this book out there, but also 8 of the industry's most popular names who as a whole have worked from the likes of Aishwarya Rai, Justin Bieber, The Kardashians, the Jenner sisters, Simon Cowell, Princess Diana, Priyanka Chopra, Al Pacino and so many, many more.

A further 5 totally massive international celebrities within the industry have had their say in and on my book are all included - all exclusively for my 'Model Material' (soon to reveal the names once my book is set for public release). I have been honoured to have their support on my book also which helps to bring weight to it.

My USP (unique Selling Point) is that I have included chunks on how to help guide ethnic models into the mainstream circuit.

'MODEL MATERIAL' is to be available internationally.


Magazines - Asian & Commercial:

-P2 Mag
-Combat & Survival
-Spain Mag
-Land Rover Monthly
-Asian Woman
-Asian Fashion
-Asian Class Mag
-Elegant Beauty Brides
-Asian News and
-Four covers of Magazines


-17 Music Videos
-Hosted 'The Money Game Show' on channels Venus and ATN on Sky
-Serials on DM Gold and DM Digital
-Interviewed public in roadshows
-20 TV Commercials

Channel Appearances:

-Channel U


-Eastern Eye (UK)
-Asiannews (Lancashire, UK)
-Asianleader (Lancashire, UK)
-Leicester Mercury (Leicestershire, UK)
-The Day After (New Delhi, India)
-Divya Bhaskar Daily (Gujarat, India)
-The Bombay Samachar (Gujarat, India)
-Jaihind Daily (Gujarat, India)

Other Works Include:

-Regional heat entrance to Miss England for Miss Bradford, Miss Rochdale, Miss Preston and Miss Leicestershire
-Miss Maxim
-Face of D1rT - A Playstation game
-Various Calendar shoots
-On posters, flyers, internet companies, newspaper articles,
-I have also danced for shows and walked over 50 catwalks.

All in all, I model, dance, present, act and promote.
My work ethic:
Communication is key to getting the results desired. I will always have a mood board ready in advance and I also have hundreds of outfits (lingerie, boudoir sets, Indian saris and dresses, shoes, props, accessories.... and so forth).
I also make sure I purchase anything that is required for all of my mood boards if I or you have not got already, also anything I can help to bring along for your mood boards I will do always too.
Let us make some sexy, fun and creative images with a twist.

What you can expect from me:
Professionalism at all times, I am a friendly female who can have a laugh, but simultaneously take my work seriously.
I can do my own make-up and hair if required to and for others.
I come well prepared with outfits/shoes/props.
I love the creative process pre-shooting and during shooting.
I maintain good pre-shoot communication and I arrive on time to all shoots. If all goes well, I will recommend you to many other models that I know and am guiding into the industry.

What I expect from you:
Clear outline of what it is you are looking to achieve with the shoot – all discussed beforehand.
Mood boards are very crucial, only then I feel can we discuss the appropriate props, accessories, locations and make-up, so forth effectively.
What the photographs will be used for.
And lastly, enjoy the magical journey of not only a photo-shoot, but making a new working relationship that we can carry forth.

I love to collaborate and do fun, unique, sexy and crazy shoots! I also love the supernatural/horror genre so mixing this up with beautiful shots I find ultra creative.
Lets collab and get creative together...

Miss Ramilla xo

Reviews from other members

AndySijka recommends Ramilla
Added by AndySijka on 03 May 2009, shoot arranged for April 2009

I did a photoshoot with her in Superfly club in Leicester. Ramilla is highly recommended model, she knows how to pose, she is creative. It was very easy to work with her.
keigo recommends Ramilla
Added by keigo on 26 April 2009, shoot arranged for April 2009

I did a shoot with Ramilla as a part of grouop shoot, arranged by nicolecooling, and she was a joy to shoot with. Punctual and professional, she managed to pose with the environment geometry, and we managed to come away with great results. Will be very happy to work with her again in the future.

Added by Dagwan on 12 June 2008
More stunning photoz please. Hope you do well!!
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