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Daniel Harwood

Daniel Harwood

ID Number:265236
Member type:Photographer
Region:West Midlands
Country:United Kingdom
Status:Semi Professional
Work Preference:Lingerie
Date Joined:16 March 2016
Last Updated:19 March 2016
Last Login:09 January 2017
I've been shooting this style of work seriously for around two years, would have been longer buy other things got in the way so i had to postpone it...

I'm experienced in both photo and video formats and have recently decided to start a website of my own for soft bondage. Not going to plaster advertising all over here so if you may be interested drop me a message!!

I've worked with experienced models, older models and newer models and every shoot is a blast!!
I don't think any of the models I've worked with are on here but im on most modelling data base
under the same name so look me up.

I was going to put the references here but thought against it so if you want/need to see some
references for me, i can give you a couple of sites to go to and also some emails of models
I've worked with!!
Hi There, Thanks for stopping by!

Im probably one of the youngest photographers on this site, and that's one of my goals as a photographer to produce good images at a young age to prove that you don't need to be 30 to create good work.

I shoot anything really but my main areas of interest are lingerie, glamour and bondage. When it comes to bondage I like to aim for a more glamour look of bondage (check the images in my port) and not the hardcore look that probably pops into peoples heads when they hear 'bondage'
Daniel Harwood
Added: 16 March 2016
Title: Waiting
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Daniel Harwood
Added: 16 March 2016
Title: Oh Dear...
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Daniel Harwood
Added: 15 March 2016
Title: Submission
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Glamour Nude
Daniel Harwood
Added: 15 March 2016
Title: Mirror
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Daniel Harwood
Added: 16 March 2016
Title: Drums
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