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Penny Dreadful

Penny Dreadful

ID Number:114379
Member type:Model
Region:East Yorkshire
Country:United Kingdom
Level:Very Experienced
Will Accept:Depends on assignment
Work Preference:Stock Photo
Print Magazine
Parts Modeling
Date Joined:01 October 2006
Last Updated:13 October 2015
Last Login:03 May 2016
Hair:Light Brown
Hair Length:Shoulder Length
Weight:177lbs (80kg)
Height:70in (5' 10") (177cm)
Bust/Chest:34in (86cm)
Cup Size:E
Waist:31in (78cm)
Hips:42in (106cm)
Skin Colour:White
Shoe Size:6.5in
Dress Size:14
I have been a model for a decade now. Have had experience of most sort of shoots with many photographers. Can provide references on request.
Have mostly done alternative or vintage work, but have done fashion and commercial work also. No piercings or tattoos, so can be very versatile as to what sort of look people are after!
***Please excuse me if this profile is a bit wordy, but it is worth reading through to the end, trust me! :D***

**Represented by Rogue Model Management**

I have modelled now since 2003, (wow, it doesn't seem that long, I still love it!), I am an experienced, and professional model, with a reputation for being reliable, and am
very pleased to say I can provide references to back this up, and I also always provide references to the people I work with too :)

I am a bit of an Amazonian really, at 5ft10 in my bare feet, and also being a UK size 14 on my top half and 16 on my bottom half, with my vital stats at 38DD/31/42!
I try to keep in trim, but as every woman does, even the most glorious looking ones, I have some body hangups - like I am never happy with my belly - I am determined one day
it will be fairly flat (although not with abs, as I like feminine softness!)
I have natural light brunette shoulder length hair which I am trying to grow back longer, after experimenting with it being in a bob for awhile. This may change, as I do like to
cut and dye my hair, and have been red, dark brown, blonde, and even rainbow coloured before!!! I also have very VERY dark brown eyes, that can look almost black or quite a
vibrant reddish brown in the right light :)
My skin is pale, with few blemishes, no piercings, and no tattoos. I do have a small scar in the centre of my forehead from a childhood accident, but it is barely noticeable.
I also do suit being tanned, but I am very rarely tanned unless specifically required for a shoot, or if I have been travelling (which I LOVE, I am full of wanderlust, and love
to travel to beautiful and exotic places!) I also very rarely wear makeup in my day to day life, unless I am going somewhere special, I think I can partially attribute having
relatively good skin to this!
I am a non-smoker, although I have no problem smoking for shoots.

I thoroughly enjoy creating a variety of looks (one of my main reasons for my love of modelling is achieving different "characters" and playing at dress up! Truly, best job in the world!) I have experience (but never limit myself too) in the following genres: Pin-Up, Old School Hollywood Glamour. Beauty/Makeup, Fashion, Boudoir, Lingerie, Artistic Nude, Bodyscapes, Bridal, Lifestyle, Conceptual, Mild Fetish, Mild Erotica, Alternative, Attitude, Victorian, Gothic. In fact, pretty much everything EXCEPT for I don't do any adult
*I am not interested in adult work, as I am not a porn star, and I hope to achieve a classy overall image when it comes to my modelling.*

I am competent at doing my own hair and makeup, although stylists and makeup artists are always AMAZING to work with (I mean, who wouldn't like incredible creatives working on making you look your best?! I'd have them with me as part of my everyday life if I could afford to!!! :D)
I also have a VERY large wardrobe with interesting and fantastical things in it, mainly because I am a self confessed shopaholic, who will buy things on a whim with the excuse:
"I'm sure I'll use that for a shoot one day!" :)
And if I DON'T own a particular item of wardrobe I am usually happy to get it if it is not uber expensive. I am also over the moon to work with budding new designers, established designers, and frankly any creative individual or company that would like me to work with them! If you are or know any such creatives, please, get in touch, and I will explain to you how I work with designers (you may be pleasantly surprised at what arrangement we can come to!!!)

PLEASE NOTE: I do not drive. This has never been an issue for me in my modelling, in my entire career of doing so. I LOVE trains, and I alsolive in a fairly accessible location if anyone should so wish to pick me up :) I am willing to travel in the UK and Abroad. Hull (my main base) has fantastic train services all over England, most notably a 2&1/4hr train to London. I do ask for travelling expenses to be paid in all cases, unless the shoot is very close to me and I can reach it by bus. If you are far enough away for me to warrant
an overnight stay, I also ask for accommodation expenses.
I can also work from home, I live in a large 2 up 2 down house, with a garden. Unfortunately I do not have my own lighting set up at home yet (something I am working on, as I have space for a small portrait or 3/4 length permanent studio), but as it stands at this time if you want to work with me at home, you will need to have your own portable lighting.
ALTERNATIVELY I am now the assistant manager of a local glamour studio and can get good rates on a studio space. Please contact me for more details on this.

I do still do TFP if I feel it is of benefit to my portfolio, but if this is the case, I normally ask the photographer. My rates are representative of a model of my experience, and I ask you to respect how I have valued myself. The rate I charge is by the hour, not by my levels, so if you book me, our time together can cover any of the genres I have already mentioned. I am afraid I have to ask for a minimum booking of 3 hours, I feel that any less than that, we will be finishing before we feel we have even started! (and I have been known to work over to get the maximum productivity for a shoot, through over-exuberance! :D But if this happens, I am not a clock watcher, and will not charge you if we go over by a little bit! But also don't expect that I will let you get away with hours extra!!! :p )
I do require a model release, which is standard, and covers me for tax purposes, and I will always be happy to give you a copy, and also to show you what the release is prior to both of signing it at the shoot. I also provide receipts.
I require payment in cash, in full at the start of the shoot - I find that it gets the business part out of the way so we can relax into what we are doing.
If for whatever reason you have to cancel the shoot, please ensure to give at least 7 days notice unless it is an ABSOLUTE emergency, and in which case we can then rearrange.
This is my job, and I will need to make alternative arrangements if you have to cancel. If you cancel in under a weeks notice without rearranging a date I will invoice you for the shoot, and expect you to honour this agreement.

When booking me, please include the following in your email:

# When you would like to arrange the shoot - time and date (so I can pencil you in prior to a solid confirmation - I get booked up quickly)
# How long you would like to shoot (minimum booking 3 hours)
# Where in the world you would like the shoot would be (please make sure to note if you are looking at both indoor and outdoor, and where each would be)
# What sort of styles you'd like to cover (feel free to suggest things I haven't listed, so long as it isn't adult, I am up for a challenge!)
# If you would like me to arrive ready made up (in which case let me know what style you wish to do first), or if you prefer me to arrive in my natural un-made up state :)
# Notify me if you are booking others (models, make up artists, stylists) that will also be at the shoot, and who they are

I also do life modelling for artists and artist groups, so if you run an art class, or know an art class or group of artists that would be interested in working with me, please
get in touch :)

I also have contacts with several reliable models, both male and female, from this area, who are experienced, and prepared for pretty much any sort of shoot you could throw at them, given the notice. These models have different levels, but if you have a project, let me know and I'll be able to put you in contact with models who may fit the bill.

I have different portfolios on different sites as I feel that this shows the variety of my work! Google me, and you will see the other sites, I am on most of the large modelling sites in the UK. I do tend to favour another site due to the ease of usage, and popularity, and you will see more references on there.
I am old fashioned and use a paper diary to keep track of things, and so please ask me my availability as various online calendars doesn't show all my bookings :)

Thanks for reading, and if you have got this far and are still interested, I look forward to working with you! :) XXX

Reviews from other members

There are 7 positive recommendations for Penny_Dreadful Click here to read them all
JeromeRazoir recommends Penny_Dreadful
Added by JeromeRazoir on 14 October 2013, shoot arranged for October 2013

I have shot Penny many times. She is simply my all time favourite model.
nik_guy recommends Penny_Dreadful
Added by nik_guy on 02 November 2011, shoot arranged for November 2011

I have worked with Penny twice recently, firstly on a group shoot and secondly on a one to one basis.

Penny is an absolute star, so versatile and with a huge range of poses. The shoot just flowed as Penny moved seamlessly from one pose to another. Also she has some brilliant outfits and is pretty cool with her make-up too.

Great fun to work with and an excellent model who is highly recommended.
davidash recommends Penny_Dreadful
Added by davidash on 06 August 2010, shoot arranged for August 2010

Had a long awaited shoot with Penny yesterday, what a treat. So many ideas and so much energy. The shoot only came to an end after we had exhausted a full box of memory cards, we could have carried on for days. With Penny the imagination just flows and at speed.
I'm looking forward to many more shoots with Penny soon.
I would recommend Penny to anyone she is a terrific model and fantastic to work with.
Firebaby recommends Penny_Dreadful
Added by Firebaby on 12 June 2010, shoot arranged for June 2010

I had the great pleasure of working with Penny today. She was excellent with pre-shoot communications, including discussing ideas for the shoot. Penny is a very intelligent and pleasant young lady and was an absolute pleasure to work with.

Friendly, accommodating and so professional, I fully intend to work with Penny again soon, and I would highly recommend her to other photographers.
RupertRudd recommends Penny_Dreadful
Added by RupertRudd on 06 June 2010, shoot arranged for May 2010

PD always presents a problem. After several shoots with her I find the time runs away as ideas develop, get better and get polished. Then I end up with loads of pictures to edit because I want to work on them. That's a problem!
Penny is a seasoned & experienced model with a very creative mind and shed loads of clothing covering most styles, in particular retro and corsetry. I really recommend Penny Dreadful both to the experienced photographer and to the beginner (and all those in between). She is also a great traveller with bases all over UK.
Artistic Nude
Penny Dreadful
Added: 21 May 2015
Title: Twist
Copyright: Von Kain Photography
Photographer: Von_Kain
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Penny Dreadful
Added: 21 May 2015
Title: Stairmaster
Copyright: Rupert Rudd
Photographer: RupertRudd
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Penny Dreadful
Added: 21 May 2015
Title: Sweethearts
Copyright: Glen Nelson of Allsorts Photography
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Penny Dreadful
Added: 21 May 2015
Title: Wet
Copyright: Von Kain Photography
Photographer: Von_Kain
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Penny Dreadful
Added: 21 May 2015
Title: Vintage Latex
Copyright: Latex Girls HD
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Penny Dreadful
Added: 21 May 2015
Title: Old Hollywood
Copyright: John Gardner
Photographer: jogafoto
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Penny Dreadful
Added: 21 May 2015
Title: Sparkly
Copyright: Avenues Photography
Photographer: GrindhousePictures
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Penny Dreadful
Added: 21 May 2015
Title: Light and Dark
Copyright: Dean Wilkinson
Photographer: spudgun77
Comments: 1
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Penny Dreadful
Added: 21 May 2015
Title: Summer Blues
Copyright: Marc Byram at J16 Studio
Photographer: images_of_desire
Comments: 2
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