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Jessica Taylor

Jessica Taylor

ID Number:172627
Member type:Model
Country:United Kingdom
Status:Semi Professional
Will Accept:Paid work only
Hair Length:Short
Weight:149lbs (67kg)
Height:70in (5' 10") (177cm)
Bust/Chest:34in (86cm)
Cup Size:C
Waist:30in (76cm)
Hips:39in (99cm)
Skin Colour:White
Shoe Size:7.5in
Dress Size:11
Work Preference:Fitness Model
Stock Photo
Print Magazine
Parts Modeling
Date Joined:14 October 2009
Last Updated:19 June 2015
Last Login:25 August 2015
I have been modelling for 8 years, and have an easy, natural manner.

example credits: commercial shoot for shopping centre editorial for designer regular promotions/catalogue/editorial shoots

Hi there, I'm afraid I tend to use another site so please ask for my up-dated portfolio- I don't have time to update everywhere!

Very experienced, confident, creative model at your service :>)
Please let me know all details of where/when/what you want from the shoot, and link to your references to ensure email tennis doesn't delay planning a great shoot with you.
Once initial shoot arrangements have been made I will be happy to have a phone call to discuss
I have a professional attitude to work, but I am more than happy to be joyful/fun/crazy/creative

WORKING WITH ME: from September I have more flexibility with weekdays (August is sold out) but weekends are always at a premium so generally speaking you will need to be willing to book in advance and pay my full day rate, as I have plenty of offers for work at weekends.
BEGINNER FRIENDLY- I'm patient, relaxed, encouraging.
Happy to take direction/meet your precise brief/provide a variety of looks if you're not sure what you want.

APPEARANCE- I always show recent/unedited shots so you can see what I ACTUALLY look like :>) No fake tan/nails/boobs/tattoos/piercings save ears.
Note: scar at the top back of my left thigh from cow goring (!)

MODELLING STYLE GUIDELINES- please ask if unsure, but note no hidden levels are available!
YES: classy/arty-farty/bodyscape nudes including with other, dance, skating, crazy stomach muscles, gurning...retro, bridal, handmade, costumes, exotic hair colours and creative makeup including becoming a man!
NO: open leg/adult/fetish/paysites/"girl-girl"/tacky glamour

FEES: I quote for the whole job dependent on time/travel/skills/energy/wardrobe/preparation.
Local jobs with pick-up are cheapest :>) I'm unlikely to offer TF as time does not permit.
I may accept alternative payments e.g holistic treatments, bicycle, laptop, vouchers...
If you want a relaxed, unhurried shoot that is fine as I like to have breaks too ;>P

Here, facebook, other modelling sites...but where-ever you choose to contact me please introduce yourself, link to your profiles/refs, and keep your communications focused and professional please. As my time is precious I am unlikely to spend it playing email tennis, so messages that are clear take priority.

Reviews from other members

There are 47 positive recommendations for Natural_happy_girl Click here to read them all
stufreeman recommends Natural_happy_girl
Added by stufreeman on 03 February 2014, shoot arranged for February 2014

Book this model for much longer than you think. Her creativity flows like red wine across the studio floor. The hours will fly by and will leave you wanting more...........
Jake41 recommends Natural_happy_girl
Added by Jake41 on 21 August 2013, shoot arranged for August 2013

I think there is only one word to describe Jess and that is "perfect". Great pre shoot communication. She had even done her homework by researching the location and therefore planning what to wear in which part of the shoot. I was humbled to find out she had actually brought some new outfits just for this shoot. She poses with experience. Knowing what works well but also using the environment to produce an even better images. She has no fear of heights, so balancing on things you shouldn't was no problem. Her love of dance means that there is a natural fluidity of her movements between one pose and the next. Her figure is great and she is so much fun to shoot. Jess has a wonderful personality and is one of the nicest models I have ever shot. The images produced on the day are perhaps some I the best I have ever shot, mainly down the input from Jess. Bloody loved working with her. So very highly recommended. Thank you Jess
Imagineers recommends Natural_happy_girl
Added by Imagineers on 11 July 2013, shoot arranged for July 2013

An excellent shoot with Jessica at the weekend. She has a wide variety of poses for those moments when my brain failed and as well as taking direction, is always willing to experiment and suggest alternatives. I learned a lot and enjoyed the photo shoot. She is extremely professional and was chatty and friendly throughout. I hope to work with her again soon. Very highly recommended.
clarmike recommends Natural_happy_girl
Added by clarmike on 11 July 2013, shoot arranged for July 2013

Jessica journeyed to Brighton on the sunniest day of the year. The shoot went swimmingly, not literally but it was a most relaxed happy shoot. I can only hope that Jessica enjoyed it as much as I did. Highly recommended
Dazzle_Studios recommends Natural_happy_girl
Added by Dazzle_Studios on 10 April 2013, shoot arranged for April 2013

Have just had a really creative and totally enjoyable shoot with Jessica... she really is everything she says on the tin (as they say)! As a professional who tries to set high standards myself, I was very impressed by her own sense of total professionalism, which she seamlessly blends with just being a really nice and natural person. She is completely comfortable in her own (very lovely) skin, and she was incredibly helpful in helping me realise some quite difficult poses and concepts. A couple of days later I met the owner of the busy local studio where she does a lot of shoots, and we were in mutual agreement that she is a superb model. Thank you Jess, we must do some more! Very highly recommended!
Fine Art Nude
Jessica Taylor
Added: 13 October 2014
Title: Looking for More
Copyright: Steve Layton
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Jessica Taylor
Added: 05 September 2014
Copyright: oliver fox
Comments: 1
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Jessica Taylor
Added: 19 September 2013
Copyright: Shaun Hodge
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Artistic Nude
Jessica Taylor
Added: 19 June 2015
Copyright: Carl Grim
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Jessica Taylor
Added: 09 January 2012
Copyright: Sean Buckley
Photographer: seanb
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Jessica Taylor
Added: 27 June 2012
Photographer: Damian_Ryan
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Jessica Taylor
Added: 27 June 2012
Photographer: orsoncarter
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Jessica Taylor
Added: 15 May 2013
Title: A shower at Carrick Castle
Copyright: Jeremy Howitt
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