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Lexi Lane

Lexi Lane

ID Number:190276
Member type:Model
Country:United Kingdom
Level:Very Experienced
Will Accept:Depends on assignment
Work Preference:Fitness Model
Stock Photo
Print Magazine
Parts Modeling
Date Joined:23 July 2010
Last Updated:02 March 2016
Last Login:05 March 2016
Hair Length:Very Long
Weight:98lbs (44kg) (7st)
Height:62in (5' 2") (157cm)
Bust/Chest:32in (81cm)
Cup Size:C
Waist:25in (63cm)
Hips:32in (81cm)
Skin Colour:White
Shoe Size:3in
Dress Size:6
***Last portfolio notes update - 02-03-16***Portfolio notes are being re vamped with goals and projects for 2016 - please stay tuned***

Hello and welcome to my little piece of Purestorm :-)

My name is Lexi and I am a 27 year old, model/photographer/studio owner and family carer based in Kent. I have been modelling for a good few years now, (since early 2008) and absolutely love it! I do this full time as well as care for a family member, so for that reason I am mainly looking for paid work only, unless you really do have something extraordinary to add to my port.

Modelling gives me a chance to sink my teeth into new, exciting and challenging projects on a regular basis, always keeping me busy and on my toes. What do I enjoy shooting most? Anything thought provoking, arty, saucy or elegant. Something with a story. Something that makes me feel something when I look at it.

I am professional, punctual and reliable, with, might I add, a damn good sense of humour. You have to have fun while shooting. If you don't there is no point. It really does come across in your images if your not happy and completely comfortable in what you are doing. I am straight-talking and never do anything I am not comfortable with. So, in a nutshell, if you book me for a shoot, there is no chance of me turning up and saying 'Oh sorry, actually I'm not comfortable with that.'

I can do my hair and make-up to a good standard, and always feel it is important to ask the photographer how they would like me to apply and style it.



I now work with two amazing MUA/MUAH's!

They both drive, have great rates, produce brilliant results and are very reliable and professional.

Natasha -

Rachael -

My work with them -

Even though I can apply basic make up, I have never been the most girliest of girls, so to really get the best out of me, I strongly recommend booking one of these two lovely ladies too. If it is a paid shoot, I will help with costs - meaning that you get me, a studio and an MUA/MUAH for a very good price!

This year (2016) I plan to better my make up skills, by working closely with Rachel, who teaches make up application - so watch this space!!!


To learn more about my achievements and skills, please visit -

To see some of my photography, feel free to click -

To learn more about my quirky, little home studio, please visit -




Reviews from other members

There are 25 positive recommendations for Miss_Lexi_Lane Click here to read them all
Esteem recommends Miss_Lexi_Lane
Added by Esteem on 30 September 2013, shoot arranged for September 2013

I worked with Lexi a couple of days ago, and OH MY GOD what an amazing girl. She is amazing. She let me stay and shoot in her home, whilst being an excellent host. I then proceeded to shoot with her, and she is incredible. She is definitely one of the best model's I have worked with, lots of fun, lots of enthusiasm and a brilliant lady. Book now!
bmins recommends Miss_Lexi_Lane
Added by bmins on 24 August 2013, shoot arranged for July 2013

Lexi stepped in at the last minute to fill a gap left by a cancellation the night before a shoot. Even with such short notice her communications were excellent and we quickly covered everything I felt we needed to, and gave me confidence that we'd be able to wing it on the day.

At the shoot, Lexi was an absolute bundle of energy and enthusiasm and a really lovely person to work with. She was very professional and focussed on making sure we got the pictures I wanted, and was very quick both at coming up with ideas and poses herself and also at working with my ideas and directions to get the most out of them in a very short time.

Highly recommended!
bdfoto recommends Miss_Lexi_Lane
Added by bdfoto on 01 August 2013, shoot arranged for July 2013

What an incredible asset Lexi is to any shoot. Pro-active, responsive, incredibly photogenic and just an amazing subject. Wow. A*. Fantastic.
cawpops recommends Miss_Lexi_Lane
Added by cawpops on 12 July 2013, shoot arranged for July 2013

Just had my first shoot with the lovely Lexi and what a bundle of fun and energy but at the same time she is a very professional model and a natural poser she also has some very good locations nearby. A great model and great young lady, and I would recommend her to all photographers.
jonnar42 recommends Miss_Lexi_Lane
Added by jonnar42 on 20 April 2013, shoot arranged for April 2013

What a bundle of professional energy & fun Lexi is. With the bitter wind blowing off the Thames estuary she was posing topless enthusiastically, I didn't realise how cold she was until after I'd finished the topless poses. We then continued to have equally successful and enjoyable shoot in her newly (almost) finished studio house. A very successful day with her, I recommend her to any tog.
Lexi Lane
Added: 02 March 2016
Title: Pleasure....
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Lexi Lane
Added: 02 March 2016
Title: Me & The Mr
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Lexi Lane
Added: 02 March 2016
Title: Eyes are the window to the soul...
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Lexi Lane
Added: 02 March 2016
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Lexi Lane
Added: 26 December 2011
Title: 'Electric'
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Lexi Lane
Added: 15 December 2010
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Artistic Nude
Lexi Lane
Added: 02 March 2016
Title: Middle Easten Maiden...
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Lexi Lane
Added: 02 March 2016
Title: Middle Eastern Promise...
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Lexi Lane
Added: 26 July 2010
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