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ID Number:206411
Member type:Model
Region:Greater Manchester
Country:United Kingdom
Level:Some Experience
Will Accept:Paid work or time for prints
Hair:Light Brown
Hair Length:Medium
Weight:156lbs (70kg)
Height:71in (5' 11") (180cm)
Bust/Chest:38in (96cm)
Waist:34in (86cm)
Skin Colour:White
Shoe Size:9in
Work Preference:Fitness Model
Parts Modeling
Date Joined:03 May 2011
Last Updated:05 August 2017
Last Login:05 August 2017

August 2017 - Life model (Drawing)- Manchester

July 2017 - Filming Bollywood Film (Soldier)- Bradford

June 2017 - Zombie Actor - Leek

May 2017 - Filming Restaurant Scene - Manchester

May 2017 - Filming Student Scene - Salford

November 2016 - Filming as Office Worker - Liverpool

August 2016 - Filming Extra in Cheshire.

August 2015 - Filming as Bike Rider, customer and background crowd - Liverpool

September 2014 - Model for online clothing business - Warrington

July 2014 - Filming as 2005 Clubber - Manchester

April 2014 - Filming as Orderly - Yorkshire

November 2013 - Minotaur - Face Cast (Student Project) - Leeds

May 2013 - Hat Model for small online retail - Manchester

April 2013 - Hair Model - Manchester

March 2013 - Filming as Irish Police (Garda) - Liverpool

November 2012 - Photography Project for student Light Testing- Manchester

July 2012 - Fashion Catwalk Summer Look Shoot - Manchester

December 2011 - Fashion & Boxing Sports Shoot in Studio

September 2011 - Fashion Shoot in Studio and Light Testing Shoot.

August 2011 - Fashion Shoot in Studio & Outdoors.

July 2011 - Hair Model - Manchester

April 2011 - Fitness Running shoot - Track Running and Free Running in woods.

February 2011 - Special Effect Makeup - Scratches on the face.

December 2010 - Dark Light Shoot - Test Model for student portfolio.

I am a creative individual who likes projects and opportunities in various roles. I am good at changing my appearance and character role to fit a need. I am open minded; get on with lots of people; business minded and good at promoting projects. I work well with stylist and the photographer to get the shoot they want. Even if it means retakes.

I do work and study and available for part time modelling mostly at weekends and weekday evenings. I am available for work full time around Christmas, Easter and Summer times.

I am available for:
Fitting Model,
Clothing Model,
Catalogue Model,
Body Part Model,
Body Casting,
Body Painting,
Hair Model,
Prosthetic movie make up and special effects model
Other? Just ask.

In my spare time I go to the GYM, go walking and running travel, use the internet, love photography, clothes, walking, films and music.

I am looking for fun and creative shoots. Please feel free to contact me with shoots and ideas.

Reviews from other members

StudioAitch recommends Matt04
Added by StudioAitch on 29 September 2014, shoot arranged for September 2014

Matt was at the studio earlier this month as part of an MUA led project shoot. He was very enthusiastic and all parties seemed happy with the final results achieved as well as the facilities the studio offered them.
Picusio recommends Matt04
Added by Picusio on 29 September 2014, shoot arranged for September 2014

Matt did a shoot with me in September. He was prompt, enthusiastic and hard working, bring his own thoughts and ideas to the shots. The time whizzed by and got some great shots. Would be happy to work with Matt again and recommend him to others. Thanks Matt.
BrianSelway recommends Matt04
Added by BrianSelway on 29 September 2011, shoot arranged for September 2011

Arranged a shoot with Matt last week, right from the start of our discussions, he was full of ideas and enthusiasm. He arrived spot on time, and despite having had a long drive, was ready to get to work straight away.
We'd worked out a pretty massive list of shoot concepts, but somehow, we sailed through all of them, Mat was total professional, threw himself into every shoot, and we got some pretty amazing images out of it.
I'd happily work with him again anytime, and I'd recommend him to any photographer, without hesitation!
Added: 28 September 2011
Title: Shirt off
Copyright: Brian Selway, M. Horrocks
Comments: 1
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Added: 03 May 2011
Title: Matt04
Copyright: Matthew Horrocks
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Added: 28 September 2011
Title: Good or Bad Decision
Copyright: Brian Selway, Matthew Horrocks
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Added: 03 May 2011
Title: Matt Cuts
Copyright: Matthew Horrocks, Aaron Rooms
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Added: 02 June 2011
Title: Standing Rest
Copyright: M. Horrocks, G. Preston
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Added: 02 June 2011
Title: Running Track Start
Copyright: M. Horrocks, G. Preston
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Added: 03 May 2011
Title: Matt Running
Copyright: Gareth Preston, Matthew Horrocks
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