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ID Number:173321
Member type:Photographer
Country:United Kingdom
Status:Semi Professional
Work Preference:Fitness Model
Stock Photo
Print Magazine
Parts Modeling
Date Joined:25 October 2009
Last Updated:11 October 2016
Last Login:21 March 2018

I have downgraded this account because im using the other main sites
please look for me on the other main site for my updates

Welcome to my page thank you for taken the time to have a look

I've got this passion for making photography fun and something
different. I've been on this site for over 5 years now.
I have met some wonderful people from both sides of the camera.
Togs and models I've started to look at my work and I'm now doing a lot
of work with professional models to build a stronger portfolio .
So watch out for updates to my work I have some exciting models booked
to work with over the next few months.
I'm always looking for new faces to work with to so if you're looking for
some photos to help send you on your way or a portfolio update please get in touch .

I have a head full of ideas to cover all areas from fashion to art nude
using old buildings to the local bus stop you give me a basic idea and i will bring it to life some
how I like experimenting with studio lights.
I have a complete set of studio lights for doing outdoor location work
I can travel I'm based in Hampshire . I go down to Devon Cornwall a lot
for beach shoots but I will also do home shoots ,or come to your office
if you want to work out of your office if you can find somewhere different
to shoot give me a call.

please check out my feedback I feel this is important to new models to help you find a good professional photographer ( me )

Models I've worked with

Lucylulu x1
Dinky x1
Tibbymuldon x1
Nympheae x1
Livvylangdon x3
Shapoopii x1
Dinkipink x1
Erinx x2
AndreyaW x1
Moira x1
Hazel stephens x1
Dubh_rose X1
Honey B x1
Tathiel x1
Mimi_c x1
Sara Bradleyx2
Victoria summers x4
SarahlouiseArnold x1
HarleyPage x1
NatalieP x2
Amysummers x1
Princess2201 x2
AndreiaC x5
160680girl x1
Veej x1
nickydancer x4
EmmaMayCops x4
annaknowles x1
jayne69 x1
vixenLou x1
mellymel1 x1
larissa x1
PlatinumRoxx x2
Kay_Buckley x1
roxirose x1
ShesJustaRumour x3
luvinsexybex x1
EmmaJBlack x3
SmokeyRose x1
HannahD x1
KMV x2
lo1089 x1
emma_hopper x3
Sammie_B x2
zoebella x1
Deelimaa X1
kate87 x1
foxy86 x1
TheDoll x1
gin_and_tonic x3
anna_2010 x2
wildchief x4
MidnightKitty x1
Lauren_Patman x1
chanelle86 x1
florina123 x1
a_blonde x2
mcarter21 x1
maddisonjett x1
Magdalena x
SuzyMonty x1
michymoo x2
Kay Drosinsk x1
Emily Newland x1
Amieboo x1
Lexi_Baby_x x1
Shannon20 x5
jodieF x1
Jadegreen1 x1
RachaelLauren x1
tesniwinfield x1
Ginalouise x2
carlaellarose x2
NataliaKalashnikov x3
exoticangel x3

Plus a few models who are no longer on Purestorm


LeanneMajor x1
Caroline Hunt x2

Lowford studio (Southampton)
Saracen house (Milton Keynes)
Studio Blanco (Oxford)
DK Capture (Bournmouth)
Please read .

PUBLISHED In the national press The stage

I've now been on this site for over 5 years
I take a lot of time to work and help up and coming models
With images sometimes for free.
I have found that I now need to set some basic rules.
Over the last few years I've supplied a set of images for you to view so that you can select
Images that you want editing for your portfolio . Theses are not for use until edited . Recently a few people
Have been using unedited images and still continue to do even though I've asked them to take them down .
So I'm changing the way I supply images to everyone as people have been using unedited images
After I've asked then NOT to .

All shoots will have model releases signed before each and every shoot .

Once I have given you finished edited images you are not aloud to re-edit or crop images to remove watermarks .
Anyone found to be abusing my trust and breaking theses basic rules will be in breach of copyright.
Remember the photographer ALWAYS owns the image.

meaning you get a set of prints or cd containing images for your use on sites where you will be expected to
Credit the photographer make up artist .
meaning you get part paid 50% of your rate and finished edited images .

Means your get your modeling rate and a couple of images if you want any .

Please contact me if you wish to have a copy of my terms and conditions

Reviews from other members

There are 132 positive recommendations for kevinuk Click here to read them all
dannixhouse recommends kevinuk
Added by dannixhouse on 21 May 2014, shoot arranged for February 2014

Ive shot with Kevin a couple of times now... He is brilliant! Kevin throughout the past couple of months has really helped me with my modelling and also some fantastic images! I really enjoy working with Kevin, He always has a giggle on the shoot and always come's well prepared with lots of ideas and outfits he wants to shoot.
When working with Kevin I ALWAYS feel 100% comfortable and relaxed throughout the whole shoot. Kevin is very friendly and lovely to work with. I highly recommend him to all, Hope to work with you again soon.. Danni xx
camy recommends kevinuk
Added by camy on 09 October 2013, shoot arranged for February 2013

I had a lovely shoot with Kevin a while ago. He is a brilliant photographer, very energetic and funny. He keep me entertained all the way though our shoot and we got some amazing shots.
I would definitely work with him in the future!

Highly recommended to all models!!

Thank you Kevin
DianaB recommends kevinuk
Added by DianaB on 11 May 2013, shoot arranged for May 2013

worked with Kev Recently, well what can I say he is a lovely person 100% easy to get on with I didn't get bored for a a min working with him, a very focused and creative photographer, truly professional attitude.

I would love to work with Kev again and I can highly recommend him to all models.
Jane76 recommends kevinuk
Added by Jane76 on 16 April 2013, shoot arranged for April 2013

Recently had a shoot with the lovely and very entertaining Kevin, had a quality shoot, we took some great photos and worked with each other really well, very easy to get on with, with great banter, will make anyone feel at ease! Highly recommend working with him. All round fun and successful shoot. Will defo be working with him again. :-)
ChaosOfTrouble recommends kevinuk
Added by ChaosOfTrouble on 14 April 2013, shoot arranged for April 2013

After a ridiculously long wait to work with Kevin, I finally got the chance last night.

I had a great time working with him, he is such a good laugh and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

He took some awesome photos of me and there was such a relaxed atmosphere throughout the shoot.

Totally professional and respectful whilst still maintaining a healthy amount of banter - perfect shoot in my eyes :)

Thanks again!

Highly recommended!
Added: 16 August 2011
Copyright: kevinuk
Model(s): EmmaMayCops
Comments: 11
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Artistic Nude
Added: 29 August 2015
Title: The pearls
Model(s): JodieEllen
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Added: 29 August 2015
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Glamour Nude
Added: 20 September 2015
Model(s): EmmaMayCops
Comments: 1
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Added: 29 August 2015
Model(s): JodieEllen
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Added: 20 September 2015
Model(s): EmmaMayCops
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Added: 06 May 2011
Copyright: kevinuk
Model(s): emmakatedawson
Comments: 7
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