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Stuart Towers

Stuart Towers

ID Number:125725
Member type:Photographer
Region:West Yorkshire
Country:United Kingdom
Status:Semi Professional
Level:Very Experienced
Work Preference:Fitness Model
Stock Photo
Print Magazine
Parts Modeling
Date Joined:22 November 2007
Last Updated:10 April 2017
Last Login:18 March 2018
Studio/Home Shoots with ...
Daniella Hindley - (Fashion)
Lisa-Giselle Milner - Lisa_Giselle (Fashion/Lingerie/Topless/Implied Nude) x5
Jodie Lorrel - (Lingerie/Glamour) x2
Jess Marie - (Lingerie/Glamour) x2
Keeley Happs - (Lingerie/Glamour/Topless) x3
Michelle Barrett - Michelle_B (Lingerie/Glamour/Topless) x2
Abigail Bamforth - AbigailBamforth (Lingerie/Glamour/Topless)
Amy-Louise Dixon - LouiseModel (Lingerie/Glamour)
Amber - amberprice (Lingerie/Glamour/Topless/Implied Nude)
Sian - SianMarie (Lingerie/Glamour)
Carlee - CSL (Glmour/Topless/Implied Nude)
Cassie Jade McDowell - whosthatgirl (Fashion)
Meghan McGinnis - Megs_6347 (Fashion/Glamour/Lingerie/Topless) x3
MissDaniCalifornia - (Glamour/Lingerie)
Jen Morgan - Jemo24 (Glamour/Lingerie/Topless)
Kasia Perlicka - KittenKaty (Glamour/Lingerie/Topless) x3
Lou - louabell (Glamour/Lingerie/Topless)
Lucy Ireland - Doppleganger (Fetish/Glamour/Lingerie/Implide Topless/Implied Nude)
Laura Murray - Laurakins (Fashion/Lingerie)
Lauren Langley - laurenlangley (Fetish/Glamour/Lingerie/Topless/Implied Nude)
Gemma Massey - gemmassey (Swimwear/Topless)
Angela Hudson - angelahudson (Lingerie/Topless)
Sonia Wild - SoniaWild (Glamour/Lingerie/Topless/Nude)
Becky Taylor - BeckyB1903 (Fashion/Lingerie)
Jenny - jennygo46 (Fashion/Glamour/Lingerie/Topless/Implied Nude)
Briony Morgan - briony_xx (Glamour/Lingerie/Topless)
Gemma Bryan - gemma_bryan (Fashion)
Zillah Brearey - zillahjb (Fashion/Lingerie)
Janine Leech - Janine83 (Glamour/Lingerie/Topless/Implied Nude)
Rosie Lovenbury - (Fashion)
Michelle Monroe - Michelle_Monroe (Fashion/Glamour/Lingerie/Topless)
Emma - Model_Emma (Glamour/Lingerie/Swim Wear/Topless/Nude)
Tabitha - mia (Glamour/Lingerie/Topless)
Natalie Fox - foxy23love (Glamour/Lingerie/Topless/Implied Nude)
Charlie Dee - charlieDee (Glamour/Lingerie/Topless)
Allie Louise - allielouise87 (Fashion/Lingerie/Implied Topless/Topless)
Heidi - xmissyx (Lingerie/Implied Topless/Topless)
Cassie Morris - cassie_m (Fashion/Glamour/Lingerie/Topless) x2
Ashley (Fashion)
Louise Brock - loulou (Lingerie)
Natalie Jayne - The_Brilliant_Brunette (Lingerie)
Bekki Dawson - bekki (Glamour/Lingerie/Topless)
Natalie Stevens - DemiScott (Glamour/Lingerie/Implied Topless)

Location Shoots with...
Daniella Hindley - (Glamour/Lingerie/Implied Topless) x2
Gina Metcalfe - gmetcalfe (Fashion/Lingerie/Topless/Implied Nude/Nude) x3
Jenny Fozard - jennyfozard (Glamour/Lingerie/Topless) x2
Lou - louabell (Fashion/Glamour/Lingerie/Topless/Implied Nude) x2
Kasia Perlicka - KittenKaty (Glamour/Lingerie/Topless) x1
Meghan McGinnis - Megs_6347 (Glamour/Lingerie/Implied Topless/Implied Nude)
Chelsea - chelsea_l (Swimwear/Lingerie)
Sophie - (Glamour/Lingerie/Topless)

Commercial shoots for...
South Yorkshire Police on 2 different occasions.
- Images shot were used in their training prospectus.
John Leggott College, Scunthorpe (
- Images shot were used in their prospectus.
St Mary's College, Middlesbrough (
- Images shot were used in their prospectus.
Dearne Valley College on 2 different occasions (
- Images shot were used in their prospectuses and promotional material.
Solihull College (
- Images shot were used in their prospectus and on their website.

Commercial product shoots for...
Walk in Style (
- Images shot were used on their website.
2nd Skin Lingerie (
- Images shot were used on their website and in promotional material.

Corporate Events

Weddings (8+ years experience)
Portraits (Studio & Location)
Private Parties
Charity Events

Numerous Car Shows and events.

Paparazzi work :
Jordan (Katie Price) Book Signing (2008).
Chanelle Hayes Calendar Signing (2007).
Hi and thank you for taking the time to view my profile.

As you can see, I'm an experienced photographer and all round nice guy from West Yorkshire.
I've been using a camera since May 2001, each year improving my skills and experience.

I am mainly only taking on paid work at the moment due to being let down too many time by models who want shoots on a TFCD basis. I'm still open to TFCD requests, so don't be shy. Though please don't be offended if I reply with my rates or decline. My Dad told me, if you don't ask, you don't get ;-)

If we do arrange a TFCD shoot and you let me down without plenty of notice or without a solid, air tight reason, I'm afraid I will not give you a second chance to work with me. I'm sorry, but once bitten twice shy.

If you would like to work with me then please get in touch.
I am open to ideas and happy to cover all types of photographic assignments.

To see my work please take a moment to look at my site:


Reviews from other members

There are 19 positive recommendations for Hioctane Click here to read them all
Michelle_B recommends Hioctane
Added by Michelle_B on 11 November 2012, shoot arranged for November 2012

Worked with Stu for the second time, but our first on a one to one basis. He's a lovely guy and a great photographer to work with, definitely recommend him and would welcome the chance to shoot with him again. Michelle B xXx
LouiseModel recommends Hioctane
Added by LouiseModel on 09 November 2012, shoot arranged for September 2012

Worked with Stuart a while back now and the shoot was amazing! He was punctual professional and even picked me up from the station he works alongside another tog with a great home studio ! Thanks again! X
AbigailBalmforth recommends Hioctane
Added by AbigailBalmforth on 08 November 2012, shoot arranged for October 2012

My shoot with Stuart and Steve was very relaxed and enjoyable. They were very friendly and made me feel at ease. We produced some great images and I would highly recommend any model to them!
amberprice recommends Hioctane
Added by amberprice on 22 February 2012, shoot arranged for February 2012

Worked with stu ad his protographer friend steve on a shoot. They were so funny and so talented. I had great fun and we got some amazing shots! Will definately work with them again. X
Lisa_Giselle recommends Hioctane
Added by Lisa_Giselle on 02 January 2012, shoot arranged for December 2011

Had a really good fun shoot with Stuart, second shoot i've done with him. Made me feel very comfortable, gives great direction and really easy to have a laugh with yet very professional. Would definitely recommend him :)
Stuart Towers
Added: 11 September 2016
Title: Daniella
Copyright: Hioctane-Images
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Stuart Towers
Added: 11 September 2016
Title: Daniella
Copyright: Hioctane-Images
Comments: 1
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Stuart Towers
Added: 31 January 2014
Title: Amber
Copyright: Hioctane Images
Make Up Artist: amberprice
Model(s): amberprice
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Stuart Towers
Added: 30 January 2014
Title: Lisa
Copyright: Hioctane mages
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Stuart Towers
Added: 30 January 2014
Title: Lisa-Giselle
Copyright: Hioctane Images
Make Up Artist: Lisa_Giselle
Model(s): Lisa_Giselle
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