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Glynn May

Glynn May

ID Number:127326
Member type:Photographer
Region:South Yorkshire
Country:United Kingdom
Level:No Experience
Work Preference:Stock Photo
Date Joined:30 December 2007
Last Updated:09 January 2008
Last Login:25 May 2011
Primarily a landscape photographer, but i am wanting to expand my portfolio and branch into glamour photography.
Would like to use my skills as a landscape photographer and combine that knowledge with glamour.

Reviews from other members

Added by kelly2hot on 30 December 2007
I worked with Glynn yesterday. He is new to glamour although he was very knowledgeable and so easy to work with! He was very relaxed and great to get on with! He also produced some fantastic shots! I would recommend him to any model a truely fantasti
Glynn May
Added: 09 January 2008
Title: Smile
Copyright: Glynn May Photography
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Glynn May
Added: 31 December 2007
Title: Snuggle
Copyright: Glynn May
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