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Country:United Kingdom
Level:Very Experienced
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Date Joined:29 February 2012
Last Updated:08 May 2013
Last Login:17 September 2015
Freelance Glamour Photographer for over 20 years. Work for a variety of Agencies, Publications, Media, Web Sites & Model Portfolios. Not here touting for work though. Please read below to see why I am here. Thanks
PLEASE NOTE: I currently use an alternative hosting site and very rarely use this account any more I do however still get notifications of messages so if you want to contact me or view my other portfolios then please leave a message and I will reply the next time I log in.

After so many years of photography and producing images for everyone else last year I realised I had lost my hobby and just had another day to day job and although the work is great and I Love it. I really wanted to get my hobby back and enjoy my photography. I got involved with a local photography group and now starting to enjoy my photography again and thought it might me a good idea to join up here to network with other like minded photographers, Models, MUA & Studios.

I am not here touting for business I have plenty of that although needless to say I would not turn down business if it is offered and I can fit it in. I am on here purely on the hobbyist basis, looking to shoot at different studios / locations with a varied range of Models allowing me to recapture my real passion, creating unique and iconic images in my own style which hopefully people will enjoy, but if they don’t then that does not really matter to me as I am producing them for my enjoyment and hopefully for that of the Model.

I will only be posting images here that are from the hobby side of my photography as a lot of my work content has restrictions but message me if you would like to see other types of work that I do and I will send you the links.

I am always happy to help new and established models to progress their careers if I can, but if you ask for my help expect to put the effort in and don’t waste my time as it is valuable to me and I would rather spend it helping those that genuinely want it. If you don’t want my help then don’t ask and if I offer my help and your not interested just say so that’s fine with me, but lets not waste each others time it has happened to me too many times. Time wasters will not get a second chance “Guaranteed”.

I do not charge travel expenses or any other associated costs the prices I quote are the prices charged no hidden extras (travel / accommodation / equipment / props etc) therefore I do not expect to be charged these by anyone else I would expect to be charged by the hour, after all if you know all the shoot requirements then calculating a fixed hourly rate is not difficult and this is a common business practice I have adopted for a number of years and have proved to be very effective and fair.

Ideally I am looking for models in all categories on a TF basis although I will consider paid basis if it is mutually beneficial.

Reviews from other members

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MillieRose recommends Glamourshotz
Added by MillieRose on 18 September 2015, shoot arranged for September 2015

I worked with Barry recently at a group shoot at Pathways. What can I say, he gave fantastic direction, knows what he wants from the shoot- very friendly and professional. He produced some great shots and I look forward to working with him again in the future! Thanks Barry Smile Recommend!!!!
wendylouise recommends Glamourshotz
Added by wendylouise on 25 August 2015, shoot arranged for August 2015

Another fabulous shoot with Barry at Pathways last week.
Always creative with fabulous ideas allowing different images to be gained.
Fully professional, great to get on with, great attitude, friendly, amazing results.... The list goes on really.
Thank you Barry, as always a 5 star shoot with yourself *****
Until next time Wendy Louise xx
NataliaForrest recommends Glamourshotz
Added by NataliaForrest on 09 December 2013, shoot arranged for December 2013

Had a fantastic group shoot with Barry yesterday at my new studio along with 5 others :) all went well with some thanks to Barry as it is all about working together ;)
Great communication throughout.. Barry is cool, easy going knows what he wants- full of ideas and was very helpful :)
He is fun, keen and enthusiastic. .
Would definitely work with Barry again..
Hopefully see you again soon! !
Highly recommended.
Kind regards
ChaosOfTrouble recommends Glamourshotz
Added by ChaosOfTrouble on 30 June 2013, shoot arranged for June 2013

Another 'epic' shoot with Barry :)

He booked me with 2 other photographers and working alongside Tilliemodel. Picked a fabulous location and made sure we were looked after all day. Plenty of food with him and making sure we were warm.

I thoroughly enjoyed my day and loved working with him again.

I really couldn't recommend him any higher. Lovely guy and great photographer :)
zoepinknose recommends Glamourshotz
Added by zoepinknose on 10 September 2012, shoot arranged for September 2012

What an amazing, happy, smiley yet professional photographer ... Don't tell anyone but was my fav of the group shoot on Sunday :)
Fantastic ideas and an upbeat pace- recommend to any model xx
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Added: 14 July 2012
Copyright: Glamourshotz
Model(s): Bex_H, ZombieCandy
Comments: 1
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Added: 24 April 2012
Copyright: Glamourshotz
Model(s): portiavictoria, maja_stina
Comments: 2
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Added: 09 July 2012
Copyright: Glamourshotz
Model(s): JK_
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Added: 14 April 2012
Title: Portia
Copyright: Glamourshotz
Model(s): portiavictoria
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Added: 26 March 2012
Copyright: Glamourshotz
Model(s): illy_xx
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