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ID Number:233901
Member type:Photographer
City:Worcester Park
Country:United Kingdom
Status:Semi Professional
Work Preference:Fashion
Date Joined:12 September 2012
Last Updated:15 May 2017
Last Login:19 April 2018
I have been a keen photographer for many years now (20+). I have a good reputation as the person who always takes the best party / holiday shots amongst my friends. When i got my first DSLR camera in late 2010 i decided i wanted to take things even more seriously, so i attended night school at Nescot college in Epsom/Ewell for 3 months. I passed the course and learnt lots of great things about photography that i then wanted to go out and put into practise. Since then i have become a member of the F8 glamour photography club and have shot at Moments studio in Redhill, for around 3 years now. I also continue to enjoy taking my camera out with me on my free days and getting as many interesting & exciting pictures as i can. My photography gives me a lot of pleasure and i like to think that i am improving in my ability all the time.

Media accreditation (photographer) at the following events :-

Sexpo - 2015
Royal Ascot - 2015, 2014 & 2012
West End Live - 2015, 2014 & 2013
Erotica - 2013 & 2011
Wings & Wheels - 2013
My interests are varied and i always think that variety is the spice of life and that you wont know if you like something until you try it!. But i guess, in summary, that my key wish is to shoot attractive ladies in erotic poses, clothing, locations etc.

I would also like to explore fetish photography a lot further, particularly spanking and fem sub. So if you are a female model who would be interested in shooting this style of image then please do let me know!

Away from the glamour / nude / fetish style of things. If any local female models would like to get together for a few hours of an afternoon in any of our beautiful local parks (im particularly thinking of Richmond Park, which i know well) then i would love for us to take some great pictures against the stunning backdrops of the flowers, trees, lakes, deers etc. So please feel free to say hello and introduce yourself.

Reviews from other members

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HarleyPage recommends DaveinSurrey
Added by HarleyPage on 15 August 2016, shoot arranged for August 2016

Worked together through f8 glamour club on a group shoot yesterday. Dave was professional and fun to work with. He had some great ideas and made me feel very comfortable. 100% recommend and hope to work together again in future. Thanks Harley x
IrinkaPirinka recommends DaveinSurrey
Added by IrinkaPirinka on 04 June 2016, shoot arranged for May 2016

Did an outdoor shoot with Dave during my visit to London and had a great time. Dave is very friendly and professional; no touching or inappropriate comments. Understood what I wanted. Made me feel comfortable at all time.
dopey_darlin86 recommends DaveinSurrey
Added by dopey_darlin86 on 14 October 2015, shoot arranged for October 2015

Had a lovely shoot last weekend with Dave and the other guys from the F8 camera club. It was so much fun, and thorough enjoyed it from start to finish. As always, Dave was very accommodating and made me feel relaxed and at ease throughout the shoot. Comms before shoot were excellent, and am looking forward to shooting again in December. 100% recommended x
DaisyBright recommends DaveinSurrey
Added by DaisyBright on 10 August 2015, shoot arranged for August 2015

I had a fun shoot with Dave at the f8 club, we shot at a lovely location in the sun; followed by a fire performance. Dave is easy to work with, freindly and professional. He had many good ideas for the shoot, I reccomend other models to shoot with him and I would work with him again.

sammijo86 recommends DaveinSurrey
Added by sammijo86 on 22 March 2015, shoot arranged for March 2015

I worked with Dave at moments studio with the F8 Club. He was polite and friendly and easy to shoot with. I hope to shoot with Dave again in the near future. Sammi
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Added: 03 June 2013
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