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Andy Davies

Andy Davies

ID Number:223903
Business Name:Saturn Photographic Studios
Address 1:Exchange Buildings
Address 2:Exchange Street
Postcode/Zip:WF6 2AA
Region:West Yorkshire
Country:United Kingdom
Phone:07402 769209
Date Joined:24 February 2012
Last Updated:07 August 2017
Last Login:31 March 2018

Saturn Studios update

I am opening the studio for hire from June 6th ...
The studio still needs lots of work doing before its finished...but it is usable and already has more sets than my old one.

Still got to plumb water into the part of the building that will have the wet set....And I have to get some of the walls plastered, but it's all coming together..

At the moment Studio 1 has a Large white infinity cove...
Black infinity screen
Pull down screens
Stage set

Studio 2 Derelict set
Graffiti wall
Egyptian tomb set
Candy stripe wall/Beach set

Studio 3. Military set
Barn set
Pub set

The Studio is located in Normanton, West Yorkshire
For any further information please get in touch.

Reviews from other members

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v_laing recommends Dav2449
Added by v_laing on 12 June 2016
I have visited this studio twice now with a regular photographer i work with, i love the studio it has so much choice, and i look forward to the new sets that are to be added, andy is fab, tea chco bics and a good chat such a great guy, i cant wait to visit again reccomended highly thank you x
Emma_Collins recommends Dav2449
Added by Emma_Collins on 09 March 2015
I have had a few shoots at Saturn studios and I thoroughly enjoy my stay every time with snacks and cups of tea in abundance from the extra lovely Andy.
I always feel right at home. He really does look after me bless him and has come to be among one of my very good friends. I look forward to every visit. Emma x
frankiebabe recommends Dav2449
Added by frankiebabe on 28 May 2014
Great studio to shoot from:)
Very friendly, warm and private.
And a added bonus off endless snacks and refreshments:)
Thank you.
Frankie xx
klouisemodel recommends Dav2449
Added by klouisemodel on 03 February 2014
I had a shoot with another photographer at Andy's studio the other day.

The studio is great, fully equipped with lots of different sets so you have plenty to do. Even a smoke machine!

During the shoot Andy gave loads of help to the photographer, was a laugh to be around and took care of me really well. Lots of snacks available, and lots of cuppas throughout the day :-)

Kayla xx
Martin_03 recommends Dav2449
Added by Martin_03 on 02 February 2014
Had another excellent shoot at the stusio yesterday.
From the moment Andy collects me at the station to the time he drops me off he is polite and courteous. The stdio is very clean with plenty of lights, sets and props. He is always on hand to assist you in setting up and to offer advice should you need it. Tea/coffee is in endless supply and with his nibbles you want for nothing. I can fully recommend this studio.
Andy Davies
Added: 07 August 2015
Title: The Derelict Set
Copyright: Saturn Photographic Studios
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Andy Davies
Added: 07 August 2015
Title: Graffiti Wall, with Miya
Copyright: Saturn Photographic Studios
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Andy Davies
Added: 07 August 2017
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Andy Davies
Added: 13 December 2016
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Andy Davies
Added: 13 December 2016
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Andy Davies
Added: 02 December 2013
Title: Studio equipment
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