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Country:United Kingdom
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Date Joined:20 January 2009
Last Updated:24 November 2013
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Well a little bit about me I suppose!

I do not make my living from photography but I am in no way amatuerish in my approach! My work is currently geared towards private commissions and editorial with a slant towards photojournalist work which is being published on a regular basis. I do however wish to keep up my TF model work and therefore am always on the lookout for models who fit certain projects I am running with.

Studied photography what seems like an absolute age ago when it was all red lights, chemicals and hours spent in a dark room.
Work took me in an altogether different direction but the bug never left me and I have kept my interest up by shooting the odd "not for profit" assignment here and there.

As you may have gathered, I am a busy individual who at times struggles to find the time to indulge in my TF work. If I've contacted you then it's because I see a look that fits with the images I have in mind.

That said, I'm more than happy to discuss any ideas with any model so if you like my work or have an idea you think I could help with then please do get in touch.

I'd be delighted to collaborate with anyone who thinks that they fancy a days shooting. I can't guarantee the weather but I can guarantee a professional attitude to work and an easy going atmosphere.

I take a great deal of pride in my work and expect the same from the models I work with.
I will require a model release to be completed and I may also request photographic id.


For indoor assignments I hire a hall for which I have sole private use for the duration of the shoot. I have all my own equipment including full size paper backdrops and a variety of lighting set ups.

The facility has toilets, kitchen area and a private area that models can change in.

I also enjoy shooting at outdoor locations.


I welcome chaperones to all assignments and normally have a female who assists me on location / at the studio venue.
I normally find good friends make the best chaperones, romantically attached partners are rarely a good idea at shoots!


I don’t provide travel expenses for models attending shoots but then I don’t expect you to provide part venue hire costs either.I am however willing to uplift from nearby public transport facilities where needs be.

I will make the coffee and bring the jaffa cakes though!!!


I am always looking to experiment with my portfolio and to continually improve both my technique and concepts. I have masses of ideas for images from gothic to glamour and every conceivable genre in-between and intend to work my way through them all.

I love pictures that make the imagination fall into overdrive and take inspiration from many different photographers from the voyeur and fetish work of Roy Stuart and Eric Kroll to the eroticism of Hegre, from the story telling skills of Greg Marinovich to the reality of Annie Leibovitz’s portraits, from the stark beauty of Ansel Adams landscapes to the controversy of Andres Serrano, you get the picture…….

Wouldn’t it be a dull place if we all liked the same things?

In my earlier days I regularly created new models portfolios from scratch and am as content working with brand new models as I am with those of many years experience.

I am professional and patient in my approach and meticulous in the detail whilst striving to get the best image but it’s got to be FUN otherwise it’s not worth doing!!!!!!

I'm willing to listen to ANY ideas for a shoot. As I've said, I'm imaginative and very open minded, I don’t shock at all easily and willing to come and go to ensure the best results for the model (s) and my own photographic development.

It is, after all, a collaboration!

And remember, if you dont ask and all that..........

Reviews from other members

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EricaVonStein_ recommends Craig_B
Added by EricaVonStein_ on 23 June 2010, shoot arranged for January 2010

Worked with Craig last year back when I used my former alias "Flame" he was a pleasure to work with and I hope to have the opportunity to work with him again in the near future x
nikki_87 recommends Craig_B
Added by nikki_87 on 19 May 2010, shoot arranged for May 2010

had a shoot last wk with craig and my pics so far r gr8 jus waiting on another few will defo be interested in another shoot and would really recommend him 2 any1
holly29 recommends Craig_B
Added by holly29 on 24 March 2010, shoot arranged for March 2010

Hey , had a great shoot , got some relly cool pics , would reccomend to everyone
leeal recommends Craig_B
Added by leeal on 18 March 2010, shoot arranged for March 2010

Had a fantastic shoot today with Craig, he had tons of ideas from the moment we started planning the shoot, and I think we'll have to do several more shoots worth before we've got them all done, but on a serious note, Craig is very professional and if you need direction, he is happy to give it, but also comfortable to let you do your own thing. Craig is first professional photographer to approach my partner and I for a couple shoot and from the preview images we saw, they look fantastic. He's fun, trustworthy, professional and creative, so I highly recommend him :)
AsmodeusNOIR recommends Craig_B
Added by AsmodeusNOIR on 17 March 2010, shoot arranged for March 2010

Had a fantastic shoot with Craig today, along with my partner Leeal. Was extremely comfortable to work with, even through the more extreme of photos. Lots of ideas, looking forward to working with him again.
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