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Max Knowles

Max Knowles

ID Number:184844
Member type:Photographer
Country:United Kingdom
Level:Very Experienced
Work Preference:Fitness Model
Stock Photo
Print Magazine
Date Joined:26 April 2010
Last Updated:06 May 2013
Last Login:14 October 2013
- 30 years experience.
- successful contributor to National and International photographic exhibitions- Recently being awarded a FIAP ribbon.
- Holder of CPAGB and BPE3* distinctions.
- FIAP silver medal awarded Aug 2012.
- PSA gold medal awarded Oct 2012.
I am interested in many genre's of photography although heavily influenced by Bob Carlos Clarke, David Bailey and most recently Irish tog Ciaran Whyte.
I have thus far been leaning towards monochromatic images and colour images that display an element of romantacism but as I travel on my journey I have started to develop a style that includes both fetish and sports based imagery.

One thing that I do require as that because I am still employed full time I have very little spare time for shooting so each shoot is precious to me, so I do ask that if we agree a time and place for a shoot that you turn up or give plenty of notice if you can't.
I am fun, creative, versatile and damn good at what I do so if you do want to shoot with me I will always give it my all and will try and get the best I possibly can out of each image.
Thank you for looking at my folio and look forward to working with you.

Max Knowles.

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emmakatedawson recommends BadBear01
Added by emmakatedawson on 13 May 2013, shoot arranged for May 2013
This was a no-show and NO VALID REASON was provided
I have worked with this photographer before so I did not think he would no show on me.
I had a studio day booked at Ariane photographic Studio in Tamworth. This day had been fully booked for 3 months.
Max had seen my casting for the day and asked me first could he take a few hours. I gave him 2.30-4.30 and he said yes thats great. All booked up.

I have the emails saved and double checked.
Friday night the studio owner emailed Max as the studio owner had not heard of him and trusted me with that 2 hour slot.
The mail sent to Max had been recieved and opened.
No response.
I myself emailed Max on the day to ask if he was coming is sent messages tells me message is opened response. Whats annoying is had he of been professional enough to email and tell he he wasnt coming Geoff could of got someone in 24 hours to take the slot as its a busy studio wouldnt of been a problem. Im actually astounded by the ignorance. Even if something had happened why not just send a mail out of decency to say no Im not coming?
I was down on my fee for the whole day and I have paid out my own pocket for the studio costs.
If this had been in preston I would of been even more annoyed due to it costing me alot to get down.

I cant actually believe this from someone I have shot with.
Very upset and out of pocket and embarrassed as the studio owner wasnt to happy either.

During the shoot last time I would recommend but Im definatly not happy with the communication and ignoring mails and hope Max does the decent thing and calls the studio and refunds the money to myself for the costs incurred.
Siobhan_Goodwin recommends BadBear01
Added by Siobhan_Goodwin on 23 January 2013, shoot arranged for January 2013

Shot with Max last week and what a pleasure it was to work with him :)
Thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon, max was very friendly and made you feel relaxed. He had plenty of ideas and come to the shoot knowing exactly what he wanted :)
Images were fab and can't wait to see the finished results :)

Thanks again :) Pebbles xx
Hampson_St_Studio recommends BadBear01
Added by Hampson_St_Studio on 22 January 2013, shoot arranged for January 2013

Max came to use my studio the other day for a shoot with a model he'd booked. He treated the model and studio with respect and was very professional. He is welcome to come to the studio at anytime. If you would like to work with Max he puts in 100% to get the images your after.
SINderellaRockafella recommends BadBear01
Added by SINderellaRockafella on 07 December 2012, shoot arranged for December 2012

I had a lovely morning shoot last Sunday with Max, very professional and fun to work with. Max brought a great range of props and knew what he wanted and how to get it!
ZombieCandy recommends BadBear01
Added by ZombieCandy on 26 October 2012, shoot arranged for October 2012

Had an awesome shoot with Max today. He was such a joy to work with and knew exactly what he wanted from each photo :) He had some really great ideas and used the natural light to his advantage throughout the shoot. I would love to work with him again. He has such passion for his work which is such a joy to see. Recommended entirely by me :)
Max Knowles
Added: 04 November 2012
Title: 50 shades ?
Copyright: BadBear Images
Model(s): ZombieCandy
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Fine Art Nude
Max Knowles
Added: 21 January 2013
Title: Violin
Copyright: BadBear Images
Model(s): Siobhan_Goodwin
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Max Knowles
Added: 27 December 2012
Title: At the Windows
Copyright: BadBear Images
Model(s): ZombieCandy
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Max Knowles
Added: 27 December 2012
Title: The White shirt
Copyright: BadBear Images
Model(s): misspixie
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Max Knowles
Added: 04 December 2012
Title: Fill her up
Copyright: BadBear Images
Model(s): SINderellaRockafella
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Glamour Nude
Max Knowles
Added: 23 November 2012
Title: Peek a boo
Copyright: BadBear Images
Model(s): Strawberry_Venom
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Max Knowles
Added: 02 May 2013
Title: Window light
Copyright: BadBearImages
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Artistic Nude
Max Knowles
Added: 07 November 2012
Title: Bluebells
Copyright: BadBear Images
Model(s): EmmaHeron
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Max Knowles
Added: 18 May 2012
Title: Alone
Copyright: BadBear images
Comments: 7
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