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Member type:Photographer
Region:British Columbia
Status:Semi Professional
Level:Very Experienced
Work Preference:Fitness Model
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Date Joined:08 February 2010
Last Updated:23 March 2013
Last Login:10 July 2014
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Check out my first video-shoot, with Raphaella
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7 years' experience of portraits, headshots, dance, music, weddings and commissioned shoots. Progressed to artistic nude photography in Feb 2010, and have achieved stunning results across 80 shoots, with renowned models down to beginners with potential.

I pride myself on the quality of my work, only producing professional results, from setting up the shot, all the way through to top quality post-processing. I'm passionate about capturing natural beauty, and creating images that evoke emotions.

I prefer to shoot TFCD, which isn't just a way of getting something for nothing. My shoots are usually around 4 hours long, and I provide the model with 50-100 of the very best photos, post-processed to the level shown in my portfolio.
I see TF* as a collaboration, where both the model and photographer get to work on each other's ideas, and both input their time and costs - I'm not looking to make money from models I want to work with, but similarly, don't want to lose money if a model approaches me for a TF shoot, so will expect coverage of studio costs only (my shooting & processing skill & time is the free part)

I prefer models with pale skin (I'm not a fan of fake tan), slimmer figures with some curves, and most importantly, a pretty face with the ability to put across a wide variety of facial expressions.

Non-Purestorm Feedback:

* Wow wow wow love them all!! Brilliant, thank you so much! -- Iveta Niklova
* Coorrrrrr!! They look fab, such great colours!! You capture colour so well and enhance it beautifully. Thank you for pushing me and challenging me. -- Ivory Flame
* I love all the images! I do love the triptychs you have put on your profile though too! There's so many I like! :) We did do well on the styling!! :D -- Amieboo
* love the pics they look gorgeous!! love love love the brownies, of course, they were the nicest ever ever ever!!! -- KatyPectin

One of my photos, Maja, was selected by RANKIN and Tuuli for their new exhibition in September 2011.

* Dig The New Breed * - An exhibition of young fashion photographers curated by photographer Rankin, art director Tuuli, and in association with fashion showcase On|Off.
The work also features in On|Off’s limited edition Fanzine, for London Fashion Week 2011.
I've just moved to Vancouver, so won't be available for any UK shoots for the near future.

Otherwise, I'm always looking to capture the beauty of female muses: art nudes, fashion nudes, fashion, portraits, and dance.

My portfolio shows my artistic eye and technical ability (I'm definitely not a 'tog' or "guy with camera"), and am always looking for new models to work with as my muses.

Reviews from other members

There are 33 positive recommendations for pierus Click here to read them all
allegra recommends pierus
Added by allegra on 01 December 2012, shoot arranged for November 2012

I have worked with Pierus twice now and we have shot some great photos both times! Nice company, good work ethic and an eye for a good photo makes Pierus a photographer that I am happy to recommend.

Thanks very much,

Allegra x
sami_c recommends pierus
Added by sami_c on 25 November 2012, shoot arranged for November 2012

Had such a brilliant time shooting with Pierus yesterday, pre-shoot communication was great, and everything was brilliantly planned. From the moment I arrived (which was way too early in the morning, sorry Pierus!!) I felt very welcomed and we had good chat about the shoot.
He gave me the freedom to come up with my own ideas/ outfits but also gave great direction.
I highly recommend working with Pierus and hope to do so again very soon :)
AmabelRose recommends pierus
Added by AmabelRose on 21 November 2012, shoot arranged for November 2012

I contacted Claude as I had loved his pictures for a while and lucky enough he agreed to shoot me! He is incredibly friendly, down to earth and a right laugh! Claude is a extremely good photographer but he was also considerate of what I wanted to try and create also, giving me some great advice and pushing me to improve in a very charming way :)
Cannot wait to shoot with him again and I have previewed some of the pictures which I am soo excited about.
JoPo recommends pierus
Added by JoPo on 05 September 2012, shoot arranged for July 2012

Claude is such a down to earth, lovely guy, I am so in love with the end results, his talent blows my mind :)

I thoroughly enjoyed the shoot and the time went far too fast.

I cant wait for the next shoot and also some more chocolate brownies :D x
ChaosOfTrouble recommends pierus
Added by ChaosOfTrouble on 09 July 2012, shoot arranged for July 2012

Had an amazing shoot with Claude!
He has created some stunning images of me that I am already struggling to decide between.
On top of that he is a great laugh and really enjoyed working with him.
Really do hope I get to work with him again, and without a doubt would recommend him to anyone!
Overall just totally awesomesauce :)
Fashion Nude
Added: 29 February 2012
Title: TripLeah
Copyright: Pierus
Model(s): Leah_Axl
Comments: 4
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Added: 29 October 2011
Copyright: Pierus
Comments: 1
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Added: 25 July 2010
Title: Ivory Flame
Copyright: Pierus
Model(s): IvoryFlame
Comments: 6
View Image
Added: 31 October 2010
Title: Iveta
Copyright: Pierus
Model(s): Iveta
Comments: 6
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Fine Art Nude
Added: 11 February 2010
Title: Ivory Flame
Copyright: Pierus
Model(s): IvoryFlame
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Added: 03 March 2011
Title: Katie & Hannah
Copyright: Pierus
Model(s): HannahAshlea, NudeModel
Comments: 9
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Added: 29 August 2010
Title: Sculptures
Copyright: Pierus
Model(s): Katy
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Artistic Nude
Added: 29 July 2012
Title: Jo
Copyright: Pierus
Model(s): JoPo
Comments: 4
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Added: 30 April 2012
Title: Raphaella
Copyright: Pierus
Comments: 1
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