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skin feels smooth but has blemishes and doesnt look smooth, why?

04 March 2009 08:33

Hi all,

I am a model and wondering why is it that when you moisturise everyday using good quality products, your face feels as smooth as ever but doesnt ever look it. What product, or anything is the best to get rid of blemishes and make you face look all one tone and smooth because I cannot seem to find a product that does this!

Karen Hegarty is off-line
04 March 2009 10:38
Make-up Artist
United Kingdom

Hi rebecca,
Firstly it's not just about moisturiser, there is also cleansing and toning and exfolliating too, just as basics. It could be in your opinion you are using the "best " products on the market but if you are not getting results then they are not the best are they? certainly not the best for you anyway. I would book an appt with a skin care expert and get advise on what your skin needs. Also its the old inside out thing, eat well drink plenty of water, cut down on alcohol and smoking doesn't do any favours, ( not saying you do ! ) so all of these are factors.
Hope this helps, if you want any more advise you can alway pm me or book me emoticon
regards Karen

Victoria Howard is off-line
06 March 2009 07:34
Make-up Artist

Simply divine is right

Also good diet plenty of fresh home made foods fruit and veg ect
Finally don't take those nasty diet tablets they play havoc with the skin.

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