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The order of things

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02 March 2009 10:00
Make-up Artist

What order do you put these things in for a shoot if you are working with a team of people?  Or which is better to do first and why?

Make Up
Body Painting

Thank you

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01 May 2009 20:38
Make-up Artist

United Kingdom

Hi Vic! The order you do things in depends on time, the number of models, what sort of body makeup you're doing and if you've got anyone there to help you. Things to think about are: will the bodypainting ruin the hair? Do the body first if it will. Will there be shots where the model is wearing clothes? Do the body painting last as it's a pain to get off even if the studio has a shower and even waterbased make-up is hard to get out of clothes, especially red and yellow pigments. A tip: if you're doing airbrushing, bring plastic sheets for the floors or cut up some binliners as the mist will go everywhere! Make sure you talk everyone through what you're doing. If the photographer or model wants some natural shots without bodymakeup get them done before you start getting creative as it'll save you time and some pigments are very stubborn to get out of the skin and little fine hairs around the hairline etc.
All the best/the MUA

02 May 2009 19:10
Make-up Artist

Hair say an hour ?
Make-up say an hour ?
Bodypainting 4-6 hours

do the math, if you do the make-up first its going to need retouching do the hair first and its going to need retouching.

Paint first and if working as part of a team I am sure the hair/make-up people would love to sit around for 4-6 hours doing nothing but watching paint dry ready to touch up their own work before the shootemoticon

10 May 2009 17:40
Make-up Artist
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I agree with MMM WOW. Get the bodypaint done first as you always want the hair and facial makeup as fresh as poss, and hes right, can you imagine the MUA hanging around?? I, as a bodypainter, would not be able to work properly if i felt an impatient (and rightly so!!!lol) makeup artist breathing down my neck. emoticon

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