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Straight eyebrows

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22 January 2009 20:55
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Quote from Victoria_Howard
Grow them in...all the way

That IS them all the way in.

Check out the pic by Squodge on my profile - at that point I'd never once plucked them, or filled them in with any make up.  I have very little to work with!

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01 February 2009 23:08

im having a similar probelem at the moment what im doing to resolve it and it seems to be working although its really annoying me i must admit is simply not plucking them (yes i know this sounds horrible) lol but  if you resist plucking them for about a month or so , so that they almost thicken and then try filling them in they seem thicker evern if your actualy eyebrow hairs are sparse and then to create more of a curve keep them a little bit thicker in the parts nearest your eyes and then pluck away at the arch  i must admit it looks a little messy at first but this really seems to have worked for me as filling them in can help adjust the shape a little
Hope this helps and makes sense

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02 February 2009 06:12
United Kingdom

After not waxing them for overe a month, I went to a salon, and had a lovely lady wax my eyebrows to a shape I finally like. Not tadpoles or anything.  Nicely arched and shaped.  Took a stand in waxer to do it though.  I prefer her to my standard waxer though.
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10 May 2009 22:48

try  a little highlighter on  the outer edges of your eyebrows or a lighter colour eyeshadow or pencil i know benefite do an eyebrow highlighter that works wonders for me :] 

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11 April 2011 11:01

United States

Oh wow! Okay so it's funny that I came across this thread from googling about how to get my straight eyebrows an arch ha. I know how frustrating it is to not have much arch in your eyebrows, I have honestly tried so many things to somehow get my eyebrows to be more arched. I've read most of the replies on here and they are all really good! Here's my advice

First, I would say for sure go and get your eyebrows THREADED I mean you can get them waxed if you prefer but I think threaded is much more detailed and they can define and arch much better then waxing and ask them to arch them as best they can.

Now, this is going to most likely sound crazy and I feel a bit silly saying this but I know how terrible it can be to hate your eyebrows so I really hope this helps you. Get some really heavy duty hair spray, I use got2b glued hair spray, spray some on the tips of your figures or on a eyebrow brush and start kind of pulling them (not hard) or brushing them higher to make the shape and height you want them to be. You just need to play around with them, it may take awhile for them to stick and get the "shape" you want but you will get it. Then before they completely dry you might want to put an eyebrow gel on them and brush them out so they don't look so pointy and "sharp" and "crunchy" then you can color them in a bit with powder or a pencil. I figured this out by myself because In desperate need of wanting a better arch ahaa and it seriously works, I did it for years. I have my own weird beauty things that i do

Also as I was on my "search" to see if there is any more ways to get more arched/higher eyebrows I found this cream from Avon

I personally don't really like Avon but I think I'm going to try this cream. It says it can lift the eyebrow/eyebrow bone so I'm gonna give it a try.

I REALLY hope this helps you

11 April 2011 11:16

i dont think you can change them, you could draw them on but i think you have to roughly stay with your orignal shape, mine are very parisian (arched) so much so that if there plucked i end up looking like ive had a face lift and savere botox lol, but i was told when i went to get them done that the were perfect for arching and most peoples arnt and its easier to make an arch flat then make a flat arch if that makes any sense, if you really want an arch then i would surgest going to a good MUA they can do wonders and they can completely change the shape, my arch is very pointed naturally and ive had a photographer get a make up artist in to round them off and the ended up as a soft curve it looked completely diffrent
anyways im rambling so i hope some of that helps somehow lol
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11 April 2011 11:21
United Kingdom
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I've got some marker pens if that'll help...

Don't ask how I found this thread - I blame my clicky finger clicking in the wrong places - and the insomnia/insanity...
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