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No-Shows and Feedback Removal

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20 October 2008 17:17

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Note : Members can no longer remove feedback from their own profiles to create a false impression of their reliability.

Only adminstrators can remove or edit feedback comments, and they will only do this if the comments posted are deemed libelous, are clearly untrue, are malicious, or are hearsay. Factual feedback will not be removed if honestly given.

Incidentally, we have also had a couple of members (both photographer and model) request that factual and positive feedback be removed as the felt they were now above being associated with the member they had previously worked with. If a person is good enough to work with, and that person graciously then gives positive feedback, we believe it is wrong to remove the comment purely on the basis of perceived elitism.

Finally, we have had a couple of models delete their profiles and sign up again under different aliases as a way of hiding a bad No-Show record. This practise is not condoned and any such new profiles will be removed from the database and the old ones reactivated.

The Purestorm Team

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