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22 February 2009 17:15
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Quote from shartley999
Hi all, I'm going to put myself on the line now. 
Being new to this site I am on a steep learning curve and want to build up my portfolio.  Before you slate me; I'm not a counter assistant playing make up, do hold a huge make up kit that cost a fortune, have been applying makeup for a number of years and do hold insurance.
It seems that some of you are complaining that a lot of the jobs available are only 'time for' and not paid and on occasions publicly slamming requests and the posters of these requests.  I really don't think its constructive to do either of these and by doing so it is putting MUAs in a bad light.  Don't get me wrong, some of these requests may not be suitable for you but don't you think its best to let them go over your head?  As mentioned by a few photographers previously they are too scared to ask for MUAs and so not only is this detrimental to yourselves, it is also detrimental to my wanting to gain experience and build my portfolio as well as for other MUAs. 


Yes everyone has to start somewhere but have some self respect and choose decent people to work with. Inexperienced or not people should choose wisely who they work with and not just work with anyone.

Do you think by us standing up for ourselves to a inexperienced pee taking photographer that was never in his photography career going to pay anyone, 
is ruining our business? I don't, I am currently booked up (Paid, I do no other) until the middle of March with photographic projects mainly from this website. You wont see me complaining about a lack of paid work or anyone taking it from under me. I'm pleased to say i'm doing very well, yes admittedly I have my bad months like everyone does but I don't worry at all about the influx of girls that wont last 5 minutes in this business because I'll still be here when they have gone.

I don't like to see anyone having the pee taking out of them inexperienced or experienced and a lot of people do that here, hence why we get annoyed and bite sometimes. In response to it putting people off posting for tf, I hope it does unless they can offer something in return for a tf shoot, otherwise they should pay, end of story.


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