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Studio Lighting & Bondage Photography tutorials 1st and 15th November, Reading UK

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14 September 2008 04:13

United Kingdom

Hi All,

I'm running another two in my successful series of studio lighting and bondage photography tutorials.  

The model is Restrained Elegance's resident slavegirl, Ariel Anderssen (aka Joceline).  With expert Tuition and hands-on help from Restrained Elegance photographer Hywel Phillips you will spend the day finding out how to shoot studio photographs- by doing it.

Each topic we cover will be introduced by a brief talk, followed by shooting sessions to see what it means when you actually take a photo. We'll look at the shots on the studio PC as we make changes and get a feel for what it all means to your final photo.

Photography is all about light, and studio lighting is the most controllable and flexible lighting source there is.

Participation is limited to four people so we can tailor the day's activities to the interests and experience of the people on the course. Typically that would include some of the following topics:
  • Bondage rigging: how to tie a girl up safely and securely
  • What does a camera actually DO? 
  • First steps: taking the camera off automatic
  • What do the settings on the dial mean?
  • I know what shutter speed, aperture, ISO and so on are... what difference do they make in the look and feel of a photo?
  • Lenses and focal lengths
  • Lighting from square one: a darkened room and one light
  • Using a flash meter
  • Adding a second light: lighting ratios
  • The colour of light
  • White balance, gels, colour correction and creative effects
  • The QUALITY of light: hard lights, soft lights
  •  Using light formers: umbrellas, soft boxes, beauty dishes, honeycombs, etc.
  • Three lights: key, fill and hairlight
  • Reflectors and black light
  • Lots of light: high key
  • A little light in the right place: low key
  • Ring flash

Attendence is limited to four people on each day, so everyone will get plenty of time behind the camera. Price is £200 per person, a £50 deposit is required to secure a place. Sessions are 11:00 until 17:00 and are at my studio in Reading, Berkshire, UK. There are still spaces left on either of the two days at present. If you are interested please let me know which date you would prefer.

You can find full details at

These tutorials have been very successful in the past with several attendees going on to shoot at a professional level for the website- there are some shots from people who have attended in the past on the web page.

While we will be shooting bondage, the lighting techniques are absolutely universal and apply just as much to non-bondage shoots!

Cheers, Hywel Phillips

webmaster & photographer

Here are a couple of images shot at previous tutorial days by attendees:

Ariel at previous bondage tutorial

Ariel in blue at previous tutorial

Hywel Phillips is off-line
23 September 2008 02:09

United Kingdom

Hi All,

  Just one space left on each of the two days now so please email if you are interested.

  Cheers, Hywel.

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