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Stephen Norris is off-line
07 March 2007 15:22
United Kingdom

Well done Matt it's nice to be back. Purestorm is a great site and thanks for all your hard work and sleepless nights keeping it all going.

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Brian Buckland is off-lineSilver Member
07 March 2007 16:08
United Kingdom

Quote from steven1
Well done Matt it's nice to be back. Purestorm is a great site and thanks for all your hard work and sleepless nights keeping it all going. Steven

With you on that one chap Brian

07 March 2007 16:21

Quote from para
With you on that one chap Brian

Me too! G.
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07 March 2007 18:32

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Quote from matt
I'm afraid I don't know why the site keeps going down, I assume it's some kind of DOS attack and I'm as annoyed about it as the rest of you. We'll do our best to sort it out but as it's been pointed out, this is a free site, we don't make any money from it and so don't have the resources we'd like to fix the problem. Our hosting company isn't particularly brilliant when it comes to support as is the case with a lot of UK hosting companies I've dealt with in the past, so we are looking at a few companies in the US, it has to be said, the Americans really could teach us a thing or two about customer care from what I've seen so far. Anyway, all I can do is apologise for the downtime and thankyou all for your patience and continued use of the site, that's if there is anyone left using the site by the time all this is over

Hi Matt and the team firstly well done brilliant site missed when down, magic when up, but by your own admission lack of funding or resources to fix the problem,going to the US to me is a short term fix.There are now 2 very good reasons to make this a paid site, limit perverts and (not my words wannabes) but also to me it is clear and I think to many others the popularity and useage of the site, has put to much strain on the financial resources you, Tim,and the team have to maintain and service the site. So I for 1 if I have to pay to keep purestorm on line, just show me where to sign

10 March 2007 19:02

Must say that I dont know much about but would have to disagree with US hosting being better (or worse) than the UK. Like anything there are good and bad companies everywhere in the world in terms of service but there are natural advantages of having your host in your own country in terms of connectivity etc.

Whilst a webhost wont diagnose the exact cause without charge they should be able to tell if it is a DoS, scripting error or such without too much difficulty... even my budget webhost pointed out that my site was falling down because of an error in my web.config file.

If a company doesnt consider a customer worthy of giving a good service to then they dont deserve their custom.
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