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I Am Having An Affair Which May Lead To Divorce :/

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27 February 2018 02:44
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I reckon Affinity is amazing for the money. It seems to do pretty much what PS does. My current gripes are probably just a different way of working when very used to PS. The clumsy workaround to transform selections and the clunky file saving. I'm also ambivalent about the wonders of seeing adjustments happen in real time on the whole image. I quite like having a preview box to compare before and after. But, let's face it. PS is hardly intuitive so it's not the end of the world to get used to something else that's a bit different, so I'll persevere.

I suspect the problem is partly the confetti of patents that surrounds software. You can bet Adobe have patents on the coding for a lot of the basic tasks that help create a smooth user experience. That means for example you may not be able to simply mimic say the smooth way Photoshop zooms in because they have patented every option they could find to do that to block competitors matching them
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