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A matter of some delicacy

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06 August 2016 17:37

Quote from Havocphotography
"I'm sorry but your current look doesn't match what I thought would be available". The problem with the current UK (mostly) culture as brought up by so very very many posts is that every model has a bazillion morons who'll jump to her defence over anything. Plus, the line that goes "it's not how you look" is oh so popular. Oh, and add to that the fact that some of the most vocal models on other sites are a) fat or / and b) ugly, it presents the "anyone can model" thing. I once told a reasonably well known model that I would TF with her but she wasn't worth paying. Got a mouthful in response, but she's only popular because she's a golden child of another forum - fact is she's dumpy and boring looking. No, screw it. A model has a number of assests in this game and body is one of them. You don't buy a porsche and feel ok when you notice that it's got a crap paint job. /rant

That too... Lol
"When I hold a camera, I know no fear..." - Alfred Eisenstadt

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