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Bowens Explorer 1500 hardly used

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14 March 2016 03:28
United Kingdom

Bowens Explorer 1500
I bought this off a mate to power the above ringflash,  it's been hardly used. The plastic antenna is missing, I removed it (kept falling off) and for the life of me can't remember where I put it. It was for show anyway I think besides I always used PW's

Job count - 1324
Pack total - 1334
Battery is fine and holds a charge, the explorer comes with mains charger and operating instrtuctions and is in excellent condition, no scratches dinks or dents.  Will also throw in two three meter cables that connect the explorer to Gemini's foc, one is un opened and the other opened just to test

£650 + P&P

All of these can be collected from my home in Ipswich Suffolk or I will deliver for cost of fuel within reason

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