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Lastolite Tri Sync hotshoe LA2455

11 February 2016 07:32

OK.. so I've just bought the above item..

Has anyone had success triggering the LA2455 using the Yongnuo 622N trigegrs - and especially via the 622N-TX commander unit.

I've set it up to trigger my 3 flashes: Nikon SB900, SB800 & SB700 (I know.. but that is just what I bought)
It works fine: all three fire, when I use the Tri Sync's optical slave via commander mode on my D750..

However.. when I try and trigger them using a Yongnuo YN-622N trigger connected via their supplied cable as shown in their notes.. only the SB800 flashes (regardless of which of the 3 hotshoe plates I position it in)

All three are set to TTL
If I set all 3 to manual - they will all flash.. but what is the point of that.. I could have got a coldshoe mount..

My thoughts are it doesn't work with them.. as I've run out of tests & combo's to try.

Jon E is off-line
11 February 2016 13:28
United Kingdom
Seaton, E Devon.

Speak to Keith Sanderson at Lastolite/Manfrotto.... he will give you some useful pointers, or be able to send you to a man who can.

12 February 2016 06:08

I've dropped Lastolite an email.. thanks for that..

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