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20 February 2016 11:07

United Kingdom
West Yorkshire

No not at all. I'm talking about a service... clean out the trash, fix issues in the registry, get rid of null files, defrag if necessary, virus/malware scan, tidy the desktop etc etc... back up files/drives before you start. Look at the fan, is it dirty ? if you're bluescreening, maybe the cpu is overheating, it may need new thermal paste - do a memory test, it may need reseating or replacing... same for the power supply. Lift and reseat daughterboards. Is the bios compromised ? may need updating / reflashing... Check, are you overloading the power supply with many usb addons - you get the idea. Has there been a power cut, is there damage on the drive ? cross-linked files ? Are the drivers up to date ? are 2 drivers conflicting !! .... Computer health check.

Cover your bases, keep the system in good order and it should run as smooth as a talcum-powdered babys arse

Mine blue-dragon's (BSOD) when I push the RAM too hard... 16GB required, 8's not enough anymore.

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