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Had a great candle wax on skin video shoot with models Electric Nymph and Rascal333. Link here :)

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11 December 2015 16:00

United Kingdom

I arranged to shoot the above theme with the intention of making it sensual and erotic rather than blatantly two girls in action with hot dripping candle wax.

Both Electric Nymph and Rascal333 were brilliant in executing my ideas and helping out with suggestions on interaction between the two of them.

Please note there are few glimpses of female nudity so this is not safe for work but hopefully the fun that was had creating it comes across and I am really pleased with the results as were they.

For those interested in equipment I have listed this in the video description at the following link. I didn't add that the maximum frame-rate I shot at was 500-fps for the wax on nipple now I have Smile

So here's the link, cheers, RI:

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