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16 November 2015 06:46
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Quote from RedChecker
People don't care about quality/watermarks etc. as long as they don't have to pay. People are (an the whole) so scabby they'll happily even take an out of focus camera phone photo of a watermarked image rather than pay a single penny.

Yep. There are a whole bunch of those people and if its those kind of people you are working with then the only way to be commercially successful is to charge enough up front i.e. for time, travel etc. that it doesn't matter if they place any orders afterwards.

Anything you then sell on top is just a bonus.

Alternatively a lot of commercially successful photographers work on the basis of taking a retainer. i.e. if you are onsite selling images, then you take an initial fee up front, say £500.00 to cover your basic expenses and then if you sell £500.00 worth of prints they get their retainer back. If you only sell £250.00 worth of prints then they get £250 of their retainer back.

This way you are always guaranteed a minimum. It also really helps that a customer faced with losing his retainer will make more of an effort to promote the event and photography meaning you'll probably make more.

Very few commercially successful photographers do it just on spec anymore.

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