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B800/810 battery grip ?

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08 November 2015 17:55
United Kingdom
Stoke Mandeville

Quote from thelook
Most people fit parts to their cars which are not OEM. Filters etc. Lots of parts such as Brake Discs, Pads, Clutches, Fuel Pumps etc etc are used by garages and are hardly different to the Original parts but are copies and are much cheaper than manufacturer OEM. To me a battery grip is pretty low tech so Im happy to take a chance. If it was a shutter mechanism I probably wouldnt

Third party car parts are still made to strict standards and certified and thus guaranteed to work.*  

Many 3rd party grips you see on ebay/Amazon however are not, they're simply copied from the original ones.  My personal experience of these copies is that although they work they can often be poor quality and sometimes parts don't fit together smoothly (eg. battery compartments/locking mechanisms etc.), and considering a grip is the power delivery system for a camera I'd be concerned of intermittent connections dur to tolerance issues with their manufacture (which obviously won't be a problem on genuine grips/batteries).

* - I did mention performance/luxury cars though.  Most people don't own cars like that and will (understandably) cut corners due to financial constraints but to buy cheap, non-certified parts for highly tuned performance cars that are more sensitive/more costly to risk damage from parts of a lower tolerance is an utterly stupid thing to do IMO, and again as I said... I'd apply the same logic to anything expensive, especially something that is relied upon for earning one's keep (which is why even though I own cheap cars, I've always bought genuine parts as I cannot afford to be without my car due to the distance I drive for my job)
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09 November 2015 03:26
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Before I suggest an opinion re OEM equipment ...

I'm still looking for names of good / bad versions (though most people appear to be happy with their pattern grips)

I would say OEM is good if its a critical part, but even then its a judgment call

if the battery grip ever fails on me it can be detached and dumped in about 30 seconds and I will be back to work so no harm done.
So the £75 v £300 needs to come out of 'pure profit' which equates to a lot of turnover for a minor gain
£2k of camera body actually makes money in time saved post production so I consider justifiable as a profit centre

I have a made the mistake of a Sigma lens I never use as its slow to focus in comparison to its Nikon replacement (its also lost most of its s/h value) - I don't think I will ever use never mind buy none OEM lenses again.

So I make business choices on 3 questions

Can I raise my prices
Can I sell /do more
will it cost me less

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