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Should companies give credit to stock photo use?

Bob is off-linePlatinum Member
06 September 2015 15:26
United Kingdom

Quote from Chandos
Bob, which I always stated to my client who agreed to credit me unless they buy the images from me outright. They always never buy from me outright and never credit. One reason why I no longer pursue work with them. Other department nicking your images is no different than theft, just like lads mags nicking your images for publication. I know some have successfully sued whether it is "properly licensed" or not the images are the property of the photographer who had not sold the rights to his images to the publisher.

Simon, merely stating something to a Client is usually about as effective as using a pitchfork to bale out a sinking lifeboat. Issuing a properly worded Licence for each image, on the other hand, might make them honour their agreement and will give you something to use against them if they break the agreement or allow others to use your work without permission and/or credit.

Crying over spilt milk is useless. Putting proper safeguards in place for the future will probably reduce the chances of being shafted again, though of course there are no guarantees as the commercial world (which includes public sector bodies and charities, even though some consider their institutions to be seperate from commerce and/or above the law) is full of chancers and crooks.


CunningLinguists is off-line
17 July 2016 04:48

United Kingdom
East London

I'm an art director and photographer.

As a photographer, my day job involves shooting customers and staff in entertainment venues and I wouldn't expect a credit, as I'm paid to go and take the photographs.

As an art director, I buy a lot of stock photography for clients, when I need a shot that is more technically proficient than I can manage, or the budget doesn't allow me to employ models.

I wouldn't buy an image that needed a photographer credit, as it would make my job designing a project harder. I guess you can either shoot for glory, or pay (I like a bit of both)

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