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How to upgrade my account?

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Cherry Blush is off-lineSilver Member
11 July 2015 05:37
United Kingdom

I'm starting to feel really stupid as I can't figure out how I upgrade my account? Anyone help please?

G07 ~ Expanded FAQs Link At The Foot Of Every Page

How do I upgrade my profile from a free account?
Near the top right of your screen there is an upgrade link, if you clickon the link you will be presented with the upgrade options,choose one and follow the instructions on screen.
Note: You must be logged into to be able to see the upgrade link
How do I upgrade my profile to a higher level if I already have an existing upgrade?
First of all you will need to cancel your existing upgrade, when you originally upgraded you will have been given a username and password to use with the site, this is the company that handle ouronline payments. Go to their website( and login.
From there you will find the option to cancel your subscription.
Once this has been done you will then be able to upgrade as normal viathe site using the upgrade link that appears near the top right of the screen, when you have upgraded again you will find that all the images you uploaded from your previous upgrade will re-appear again.


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