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Ventured the other side of the lens!

25 June 2015 19:45

I was wondering if perhaps I could have some feedback on my current port? I'm just starting out in people photography (I shoot horses, weddings, school groups & sports events when I'm not booked for modelling jobs) and looking for a bit of direction of what works and what I could improve on please? Who knew the studio would be a scary place for a novice!? Constructive criticism would be gratefully appreciated, I need a little direction for my next shoots to help me get better. Obviously I plan to work with more people to make it more diverse, but as of yet not had many shoots.

Thanks in advance!

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26 June 2015 04:59
United Kingdom
Bury St Edmunds

Your portfolio, set in context of what you say about yourself, feels like you're at the 'fake it 'til you make it stage' perhaps. Right now its pretty uninspired in terms of pose, composition and processing. There's no hint of a feminine iinsight in the type or style of shots, looking like a hundred other dull old men's pictures right now.

One of the primary benefits of being a model and photographer is that collaborations should be proportionately much easier to arrange and right there is my hint as to what you should do next.

The pictures of Anita db are kinda OK, but right there you have one of the most interesting models on the scene and even those are pretty uninspired. Some of the others are outright dull looking. Where's the feminine insight, where's the story telling or the high impact shots? It all feels very undercooked and hardly what I'd expect from a full time freelancer with tewo leading companies as clients.

Of you shoot lots of ewuine and weddings, where are the POW pictures from there even (assuming you don't do model photography all that well) both circumstances give great energy and narrative. I'm left confused.

How far is that from your own assessment of your work so far? If you were expecting a bit of a damp reaction, perhaps you shouldn't be asking for critique right now - its important to show your best shots and best shots only publicly. If you were expecting much positive response, you're probably wasting your time with a camera.

26 June 2015 05:59

What I shoot for the two companies are sports events and school groups, and I shoot weddings and horse shows from my own bookings, but I have taken these images off as thought with them being completely separate to model photography, it would be best not to showcase them here? I have mentioned that I am a beginner in this area on my port so that people are aware I'm inexperienced in this part of photography. I know zero about lighting except for the bog standard set up having been shooting predominantly outside, and not being allowed to use flash in churches. I can shoot show jumping, sports, staging full of kids and weddings to my heart's content, but when it comes to working with a model, I'm as in experienced as someone who's never stepped foot into a studio in their life!

I'll be honest, I was terrified when I shot Anita last night, I'm naturally shy anyway and I had no idea what to say to her or how to ask her what I wanted. I had someone else setting the lighting as it was a joint booking with Anita in his studio, I was a late addition to share her time. Does confidence to direct a model and try my own ideas come with time? Or is it something I need to have naturally to be able to make it in this field?

Would you recommend re-adding my wedding and horse show stuff until I've got something better done?

I'm at a total loss for direction, those who know me will know I did gymnastics & dance, so portraiture/fashion is the sea of unknown but an area I'd like to explore as a photographer.

I only showcase my best on my pages away from model sites, but with it being a totally model orientated website, I didn't think it would matter too much to build and learn and ask and progress here

& lastly, critique is good, without it, how do we move forwards?! I'm not the type to sit and cry about not hearing "OMGZ you r lyk, so awsum!" haha. Critique is a good thing

EDIT: Have put a couple of my other stuff back on

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