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Beginner model- Feedback please?

07 June 2015 16:52

Hello everyone. A few weeks ago, I went on a test shoot and the photos on my profile are the result! Could you give me honest feedback on my photos? Would there be work out there for me considering my height and build?
Thank you in advance!

Chrissie Red is off-line
07 June 2015 17:28
United Kingdom

I think you did a wonderful job with it being your first time!

You appear comfortable enough and you have a lovely smile.

"Would there be work out there for me?" - it depends what you are looking to do, if you want to have a few shoots every so often then I think - yes easily. Can you be a full time model working with internet photographers - most probably not, thats not based at all on what you look like - its based on your fashion only levels. Very few models in internet land (even those who are signed to an ok agency) would struggle to do fashion only and earn a living from it - the very few that do have out of this work amazing portfolios and are extremely rare.

You may be able to pick up a shoot or two every so often for local camera clubs or the odd plus size local boutique designer or whatever both of those things have competition.

Best of luck to you


08 June 2015 06:08
Photographer chrissie has commented the work you will get off a site like this is next to nothing...get in touch with all your local hair stylists to offer yourself as a hair model....also contact all your local bridal shops to see if they ever want a model...walk all your local independent fashion shops to promote yourself....get 3-4 good well exposed images.with 1 full length and go for will get 99 refusals but on the 100th one you can strike lucky....also contact your local art college to offer yourself as a model for their photographic courses and you will also get some good images from them...the thing is to be able to accept many refusals without getting despondent...all the best

marlham is off-line
13 June 2015 11:03
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United Kingdom

I agree with Chrissie. You do have a nice face but it's unlikely you'll get paid for portraiture or 'fashion' regularly on sites like this.

You MIGHT be able to make a little money if you offered lingerie amongst your levels, particularly if you had some really nice/classy sets.

Best thing is to do it because you enjoy it and see where it takes you.

Good luck

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