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Is Photography Monthly now defunct?

29 May 2015 21:10

Haven't seen it in my local Tesco or WH Smith's for a couple months now. Didn't buy it regularly but would do so on occasion if a particular article interested me. Be a shame if the magazine's no more.

Bob is off-linePlatinum Member
30 May 2015 05:21
United Kingdom

The January '15 issue was the last one, though there is a digital version available.

Unfortunately the near-monopoly that WHSmith Retail has on the High Street side and WHSmith Wholesale has on the distribution side, combined with the big supermarkets only being interested in selling the top-selling couple of hundred titles, not to mention internet generation's unwillingness to buy reading content when they can surf the web for free reading matter, has massively affected UK magazine sales and profitability over the last few years.

Pretty soon all that will be left are the popcorn gossip titles that housewives toss into their supermarket trolleys to try to relieve their daily drudgery and a small number of authoritative / technical publications aimed at those looking for content more accurate that the copy & paste stuff which fills the internet and makes researching accurate stuff increasingly difficult.

On the Continent, on the other hand, where English is a second language, print magazine sales are still relatively bouyant and the internet is much less popular. Over the last few months I have worked in Czech Republic, France, Germany, Poland and Spain where I naturally browsed through the magazine racks at airports, rail stations and newsagents / kiosks. It was very interesting to see just how many 'foreign language' magazines still exist in mainland Europe, including quite a number that are linked to UK titles in decline or defunct.


30 May 2015 09:31

Quote from Bob
The January '15 issue was the last one

Thanks Bob, that's a real shame.

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