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My 7D has gone mad! Exposures all over!

Paul thomas Ford is off-lineSilver Member
27 May 2015 16:00
United Kingdom
South Yorkshire

Quote from paulford
Try shooting the same subject from same place, Something that is pretty immobile, car on drive or parked on road, Just point camera at it and rattle about a dozen or so shots off at same time, if its any sort of auto bracketing, the pictures should vary from under exposed to some thing like correct then to over exposed, In fairy equal stops/stages. Another thing is swap lenses if possible and try the same thing, not very likely but aperture might be sticking, or not operating correctly, Try GENTLY! cleaning contacts on body and lens, (soft cotton cloth)being careful not to touch mirror.

Just read through and noticed Riddell gave almost the same actions, just ignore me

Claypaws is onlineGold Member
27 May 2015 18:38

United Kingdom
North Yorkshire

I think RedChecker has pretty much said it. Looking at your images of exif data, I see that the metering mode used was Centre Weighted Average. This will virtually guarantee the wrong exposure as it uses a central blob that is not much bigger than the spot of spot metering. Your subject has a dark background in the trees, a light grass foreground and players of varying brightness and garb. Whatever happens to lie in the centre spot will heavily influence the exposure.

As RedChecker says, I would also use manual rather than AV and I would do so with evaluative metering and check the histogram. Personally, I prefer WB to be set to cloudy rather than sunny for outdoor use, even when the weather is sunny. Avoid auto WB like the plague that it is. At least if you have a fixed WB, it is easier to alter a batch of images.

I would not jump to getting the camera checked or cleaning contacts.

28 May 2015 09:26

To the idiot that thought it would be funny to send a childish email using mixmaster, grow the hell up! I know said person is on here because this is the ONLY place I've asked this question!

To everyone else, thanks for your help. I ended up resetting the body to default and cleaning the contacts and one of the two have fixed the issue. We discovered the issue began after another events company changed my settings to 5700 colour temp, and then I changed them back to auto. Whatever was wrong, it's working fine now

Anyone could have sent you that
PureStorm is an open forum in which anyone can access and read threads
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So this does not mean the silly person that did this must be a member on here

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