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Does anyone know of or have access to a boxing style gym near Woking in Surrey

15 April 2015 08:27

Are there any photographers that know of, or have access to a boxing style gym that I would be able to hire for a few hours ocassionally to shoot in.

I have asked a few models previously, but they only knew of standard game that are not quite what I am looking for.

If anyone knows of anywhere like that or has access to somewhere, I would grateful if you might be able to PM me with any ideas or information.

Thanks all

David Hunt is off-line
15 April 2015 10:07

United Kingdom

Have you contacted any boxing clubs yourself?

The nearest to me is The Camberley Boxing Club and that is on the Old Dean estate in Camberley.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a more private location, then you may need to locate some venues where they perform female wrestling with sub male clients. I know that Dynamo and Araneae on this site both wrestle. So, perhaps they maybe of some help?

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