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spare bedroom to studio

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20 March 2015 08:12
United Kingdom
Leigh on Sea

I've shot from home a fair bit, and convert my kitchen/diner into a temporary "studio" when I do - shooting from the kitchen end, I get about 15 feet to an area about 9 feet wide. It's OK for portraits and maybe up to three-quarter length, but for full length I find I'm having to use too wide an angle lens with the resulting distortions.

Control of the light is a problem. I put a curtain rail high on the wall at the end so I can peg black cloth to it for a backdrop, but bouncing light from the side walls limits what I can do.

To be honest, for home shoots it's more practical to work with what you've got - natural light and settings. Pure studio stuff isn't really all that practical unless you have a bigger space. When I shoot in studios I really appreciate the extra space. It's also worth investigating other spaces that aren't dedicated photographic studios - community centres often have decent sized rooms if you have your own lights and might be cheaper than studio hire (obviously may depend on the type of content you want to shoot!)

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